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Firecrackers without cooking?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by jtackeff, May 14, 2010.

  1. So I wanted to make some firecrackers, but I do not have easy access to an oven for 20-25 mins without arousing some suspicion (aka I never cook so it would look strange).
    I have heard if i make the crackers and then let them sit for 3-4 days they will work just as well, true or not?
  2. Yes it will work.

    The reason you got no answer is you didn't search hard enough lol. I'm nice I'll gladly tell you it WILL work.
  3. I made some last night used a bowl on each of 3 firecrackers....very disappointed.
    I'd have weed now if I wouldn't have.
    I felt high when I woke up, but not when I ate them and waited 2-3 hours!
  4. if you are going to do the no cook method i STRONGLY reccommend you let them sit for 7-10 days and make sure your herb is grouns VERY fine,,.to a powder like consistency and yes, they will work...make sure you wrap them and out them in a dark place
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    I have a 9 hour ride to Florida this summer. I will do this method for 3 firecracks.

    Just gunna be stuffing my gums full of crackers , hopefully nobody ask for them :D
  6. yeah, grind your bud as much as possible and put it on the crackers with pb and wrap them and let them sit for at least a couple days, if you want maximum potency at least a week+
  7. hai guys

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