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Firecrackers (Will the following Ingredients Work??)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by --Spliffy--, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Hi all, ok so next friday I get the whole house to myself for 3 nights, and I really want to get super high, I have a quarter of mango kush and an eighth of god bud. I really don't feel like smoking much, so I decided I will make these Firecrackers i've been hearing about.

    My question is, can I substitute the following ingredients for new ones??


    Cream Cheese instead of Peanut Butter
    Chocolate spread instead of Peanut Butter

    Also can I add a thin slice of cheddar on my crackers would it melt on the greens, and how will it effect it, will the THC levels go down??

    Not a really big fan of peanuts(not allergic or anything just dont like it much), and was just wondering if I can use other spreads instead of peanut butter??

    Thanks. :smoke:
  2. Shoot higher than Firecrackers I say if you have the house for 3 days
    Make cannabutter and cook some crazy shit.
    Then have a good cooked meal with weed in it.
  3. yes, but the problem is that we have people renting out the basement and i'm kind of creeped out by them cuz they r super christians and they always try to evangelize to me when im mowing the lawn. My parents on the other hand don't care if they were christians or not cuz they pay a pretty fair amount. :D Last thing I want is for them to break in my house and start performing an exorcism. ;)
  4. and we have vents everywhere that lead to the basement and I think that making cannabutter would scare them away lol
  5. well then use somthin that will activate the thc
    Fat or heat
  6. meh, yea but I think I will stick with some firecrackers for now lol, I just want to know if creamcheese or any other spread would work other than peanut butter
  7. No thats what i ment Fat will activate the thc
    I say take a bagel and toast that b!tch and put some cream cheese with ground weed spread on the bagel assemble and wrap in foil and put back in toaster
  8. awesome, thanks for the advice!

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