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Firecrackers vs Brownies?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by iSpacey, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. I have never eaten potent edibles. I have 7 grams of some dank. Wondering which would get me higher. I am leaning more towards the brownies. Any simple recipes for brownies?
  2. If you are interested I can tell you a simple method which takes no more than 40 minutes. I'll drop a link here and this method is good and affective. Also I also prefer brownies over firecrackers primarily for taste. Firecrackers taste like shit and make the high un-enjoyable. One thing I would add into this recipe is to strain out the bud, a reason why this will work even though it's going in the microwave is because the thc is already merged with the oil and oil is meant to be heated so this recipe is simple and works nice enjoy and post back. http://stonersmanual.blogspot.com/2008/03/easy-bake-pot-brownies-in-microwave.html
  3. Whether or not brownies are a better option, really depends solely on how well you process your canna. If you just toss ground bud into a pan of brownies for instance, unless you have a very low tolerance, you'll be a bit disappointed compared to a firecracker.
    But if you make oil, decarb first, and do a decent job, you can have multiple, stronger doses, from the same material it takes to make only a single mediocre firecracker dose.

    A quality oil is going to provide better results, versus a firecracker... for instance, consider making both, using the same exact amount of time and heat. Which will be more efficient? The lower-quality oil diluted in peanut solids...or a pure oil of your choice, that can even facilitate the exact type of absorption you need? :D

    The oil contained in peanut butter is your edible solvent in a firecracker... but there's much less of it compared to pure oil (obviously), and it's very diluted, limiting the contact made with the herb. A pure oil source, in any given amount of time, will provide better results.

    The quality of the oil you choose specifically dictates how well your potency is absorbed, and even where in your body it's absorbed! Even pure peanut oil is not a very good solvent or 'vehicle' for cannabis glandular material. It has very little saturated fat, and it's comprised mainly of long-chain triglycerides, which facilitate lymphatic absorption.
    With peanut oil, you miss out on the conversion that takes place in the liver, that turns D9THC, into the more powerful 11-OH-THC.

    Coconut oil, and to a lesser extent butter, are better options for breaking down cannabis glandular material, and due to their medium/short-chain triglyceride content they will be absorbed via the portal vein and liver, to achieve conversion. :hello:

    Anyways, that's probably a lot more than you wanted to hear!

    Hopefully it helps you make up your mind though. :) For more help just check out the stickied threads. Good luck! :wave:

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