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Firecrackers Vs Brownies

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by davefol10, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Title says it all: How much better are brownies than firecrackers in terms of overall enjoyment and high. I know that brownies are obviously harder to make because u have to make the butter first but is it worth it in the end?
  2. I've never had brownies, but I absolutely love Firecrackers. I have not been high like I was on firecrackers in awhile. Me and a buddy threw down for the weed for them and 3 hours after I ate them I tried moving a couch from my downstairs into the garage because I thought it was a good idea for some reason. Powerful little crackers. :smoke:
  3. eating weed is eating weed.

    it's just that firecrackers are more usefull if you only have a small amount of cannabis. say for instance you only want to get high by yourself. brownies are better if you have 1/2-1oz and are trying to keep 2-3 kids high for a few days.
  4. So they both get you the same amount of high?

  5. Exactly what He said.

    With Firecrackers you can get your doseage down to single easy servings.

    Brownies taste a hella lot better thats for damn sure, just need alot more ganja.

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