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FireCrackers!!! the'll blow you up!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pbjube3, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Material

    6 Ritz Crackers
    Peanut Butter
    melted butter
    .4g Ground marijuana
    Aluminium Foil


    Preheat Oven to 320* F on Bake

    Take the crackers and spread enough peanut butter on them (can be messy if too much peanut butter)

    Take the weed and evenly sprinkle it on top of the peanut butter on 3 crackers...

    Dab your finger in the melted butter and spread it on the cracker with weed+peanut butter and the cracker with just peanut butter

    Put the crackers together and microwave for 15 seconds...

    Grab the Crackers out of the Microwave and aluminium foil them up so there is no air getting to the crackers....

    Place on baking sheet and bake for 22 minutes

    After they are done baking take off the aluminium foil and microwave again for 15 seconds

    Wait for them to cool down and then enjoy!!!!

    ***** I do not eat 5-6 Hours before this *****

    It took me an hour for it to kick in. for me it worked each time... my buddies made it with a lot more weed and they felt it but they came down on it fast. Our eyes were very very red and we didnt smoke!

    its just about 1pm est where i live, i havnt smoked pot since like 3am THIS MORNING. do you think i should eat the crackers first so i can feel the effects of just the crackers? or should i smoke a bowl while im waiting?
  2. Smoke up! You can never be too high...
  3. [​IMG]

    i still havnt smoked yet, i think im gunna let the firecrackers hit me first, once i feel high off those im gunna smoke. its 1:13pm EST and i still havnt eating one yet. im letting them cool down for a moment and then i will endulge with a large glass of milk~!
  4. ok so i gave in, i took one hit off my bowl about 15-20 mintues after eating that should keep me high untill the crackers kick in, i ate all 3 of them in about 5 mintues, washed down with a glass of milk and a hit of my bowl :)
  5. Yumm, Tell me how it works... I wish you wouldn't have smoked so that we could see if it truly worked or not but let us know!
  6. So how did they go?

    I want to try these again but every time I make them they do jack shit :devious:

    Always use enough PB and weed and cook it for the right amount of time but never seems to give me more than a tiny, tiny buzz. Maybe it's something to do with my oven? (I've never tried the microwaving before cooking thing either, hmm..?)

  7. i know i go so impatient, but i could def tell they worked cuz i only took one hit and im a seasond smoker so one hit is ok but after like like 30 mintues after i took the hit, i felt really heavy and body stoned, really most was a 100% body stoned but i was head high from the weed i was smoking

    they def work tho, and fun for an eveyr once and a while thing
  8. up just so they guys that posted earlier could find this thread!
  9. I always thought microwaving destroyed the THC?
  10. urban legend kid.
  11. Search button anyone?
  12. Did you really only use .4 grams for all 3?
  13. You don't need much at all for these to work...and there are several recipes for this already.

    But I used saltine crackers, peanut butter, and about a bowl of weed(didn't weigh it out but it was dank)

    I ate before I had one and I was high off of it until I went to bed. And that was about three hours, I was still high when I went to bed.

    I baked on 350 for 18 minutes without tinfoil...they work fine just about no matter how you do it. Lower temperatures are preferable though so it won't kill any THC...

    Or even just put your peanut butter, and melted butter(if you like) on it with your weed and let it sit for 3 days...

  14. yeah dood, thats like smoking 2 bowl packs, i dunno about you but that gets me high!

  15. that doesnt get me that high :confused: lol. but it doesnt matter if its 2 bowls or 20 i cant deny the herb:smoke:

  16. well i dunno i have been smoking weed for about 4 years but if its the first smoke of the day and i smoke two good sized bowl packs , like .4 .5 i will be toasty. my weed is pretty good and mad fluffy and lite!
  17. #17 /M-/^_^-/M-, Feb 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2009
    yea dont get me wrong fat bowls will get me toasted but sometimes 2 bowls outta the spoon just doresnt cut it. i need a t-break :(

    btw just followed the guide waitin for the crackers to come out cant wait i made 5 crackers but put about .8g into them
  18. Nice guide man. I really want to try eating something with ganja cooked into it, but i heard taht it makes your house SMELL SO DANK. Of course I haven't tried so I don't know...will it make my house smell dank?
  19. I made one of these the other day with .5g and i blew me out of the water for about 4 and a half hours it takes about an hour to set it but when it does you know it
  20. its been an hour since ive eaten my crackers feelin good as shit i dont feel blasted outta my mind but its a nice constant high,i was suprised it made no obvious smell, it only smelt like peanut butter lol. :hello:

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