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Firecrackers stink while cooking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rahmer, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I wanted to make some fire crackers but I live with my mom right now and I was wondering how bad it smells to cook them. Would I be able to go out at midnight while she's asleep and cook them with out it reaking up the house?
  2. They don't usually make my house smell bad. I use a little mini oven and the smell is usually just confined to a small area around the oven.
  3. No, not at all.

    Use Nutella chocolate sandwiched between cookies. So fucking good, and you will be high off your ass. And it makes your kitchen smell like chocolate.
  4. I usually never even stink my oven up when I make them, much less my whole kitchen or house. Just wrap the firecrackers with tin foil when you cook them, and you will have little if any smell. Definitely not enough that someone who isnt standing right next to the oven would be able to smell. Go for it firecrackers rule. :wave:
  5. There is a firecrackers tutorial in the reacreational thread (can't think of the proper forum name coz I am high) and you can make firecrackers w/out having to cook them, and apparently they get more fucked.
  6. You can leave them to soak in the thc, but wont that spoil the peanut butter and make the cracker soft?
  7. I think your supposed to wrap them up rewally tight in cling film or tin foil and leave them in a cool dry place... If your really worried about the freshness of them etc, Im sure you can wrap them up and put them in a lunch box.

  8. Nah, the smell is barely noticeable.
  9. Smells a little bit, like a Vaporizor smell
  10. The oven will smell a little like burnt peanut butter afterwards, but once your a few feet from the oven you can't smell shit, pretty much no weed smell whatsoever

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