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Firecrackers - Oven Problem

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by -aCe-, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Sup GC. So I recently started making firecrackers just because their so goddam portable and give one of the best intellectual [imo at least] highs. Everything is fine except one problem I have been facing which involves my oven:
    So I preheat the oven at 320f and then when preheat light stops and it beeps, i put the crackers in. Now the time it takes between preheat to finish and me put the aluminum wrapped crackers is small. But after I put em in and start baking, the oven preheats again for a few minutes. I was wondering how time sensitive is the process, because I always do it at 23mins
  2. Sillygoose. :D :)

    If I interpret what you're saying correctly.

    You wait for it to preheat, you stick the crackers in, but then the light comes back on?

    This is because from time to time, it needs to heat the coils again to MAINTAIN the heat. Once the light goes off the first time, its safe to put them in and leave them in for the desired time. Heat escapes over time [especially in 20 mins or so] so the oven needs a pick-me-up or so from time to time. The light cutting back on just reassures you that its trying to maintain the set temp.

  3. Yup.

    Plus, you let some of the heat out when you open the door to put the firecrackers in. It's just trying to get back up to the set temp. You're all good. :D

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