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Firecrackers or Joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eyeinfluence, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. im a little low on cash so im only gonna pick up 2 grams of good shit. anyway, idk if i should just smoke strictly joints with it or if i should make a firecracker or something.

    how long does it take to make a firecracker? and what would you do and why?
  2. If those are your only options I say make 2 firecrackers and one fat joint. Eat a firecracker, wait an hour, smoke half the joint, and you will be ripped. Repeat this process on another day with whats left.
  3. if you're trying to conserve then go with the firecracker. joints waste weed, but with a firecracker you do recieve each and every bit of thc you put in it.
  4. If I only bought 2 grams I'd smoke it in my pipe probably. You could make a firecracker and a joint with that amount. A 1g firecracker can get you realllllll high. A firecracker usually takes like 40 minutes for me to make but I'm usually high/watching tv while I make it in my kitchen so I know I waste time.
  5. if you're tryna conserve, then don't make a cracker. smoke small bowls out of a bong or pipe if you have one. If not, roll a few small Js.
  6. joints, or get a small pipe and smoke bowls. firecrackers aren't the best edibles to be making.
  7. In the same situation i tried making firecrackers before but i diddent feel anything couldve done them wrong ima roll a joint just because i know that never fails
  8. I'd recommend a one-hitter or a pipe, but if you had to pick between the two I'd make 4 half-gram firecrackers if you've made them before and are really good at it, or however many joints you want to roll if you're better at rolling.
  9. If I was in that situation I would smoke out of a chillum because for some reason chillum a get me higher off of less weed

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