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Firecrackers On School Trip?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JRE1234, May 29, 2013.

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    Hey everybody. I have two firecrackers ready for a school trip in the near future. We are going to Quebec City and Montreal to end our senior year. It's a 14 hour bus ride so I'm taking one before I get on. I am savning the other one for two days later when we go to 6 flags so I can ride roller coasters stoned. :yay:
    My question is... should i be ok if i hide the smell? If you get caught, your parents have to pay to send you home and that can't happen.
    Any feedback wouild be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. what happens.... if they dont pay? what is the school gonna do???? if my kid got sent home and i had to pay id just be like fuck it, your problem and let the school handle it.
  3. What smell are you worried about with firecrackers?  Just keep them in a bag of crackers so it looks like a normal bag of snacks if you're worried about getting caught with them
  5. Will do. These firecrackers smell quite strong. I have stashed them in two places so far and both smelt afterwards.
  6. If you are worried about smell, then you can just eat the firecrackers in a bathroom stall or something. I did that when I took brownies with me to a convention, and if it smells then hopefully nobody can distinguish it from poop smell lol.
  7. Posting the response in the quote. Not the smartest thing i've seen today.
  8. So what if they smell it? They're gunna look and find no weed. What could they do?
  9. How will they smell it after you eat it? I would eat 4 and take a nice nap on that bus.
  10. Eat four fire crackers just to take a nap? Seems wasteful.
  11. This is my first time trying an edible so I'm only taking one, haha. I was just a little worried but it will be fine.
  12. Did you really just try to insult the format of my post?
    I was simply saying If OP says it CANT happen(getting caught), why put yourself in a situation where it may..
    As i already said. No offense to anyone in this thread, but getting a fine and possibly expelled from the school isnt worth 2 highs IMO
  13. No, I did insult the format of your post.
  14. I'd be so paranoid and uncomfortable around teachers and stuff. I'd rather much be sober on a field trip
  15. Well Ouch, that insult really hurt. You couldnt disagree with my point so you pointed out a formatting error.
    I wasnt trying to sound like a douche, but it appears that is exactly what you're doing...
    The only things you have said on the thread have been to me, so I have to ask, did you just log on looking to argue about how people type?
  16. I brought firecrackers to school one day. Had them in individual aluminum foil wrappings, and all of them inside a ziplock baggie. Mine only smelled a little bit when I opened the baggie but after taking the foil off it was more noticeable.

    My advice: Eat one in your car before you board the bus. That way it'll be kicking in by the time the bus actually leaves (45 min-1 hour).
    Then eat it in a bathroom stall at the amusement park.
    and honestly if you did get what? What are they going to do? They are still liable for your safety and have to watch over you while you're there, and they can't leave you behind.
  17. Going to be honest with you on this one. I watched two friends of mine eat firecrackers on the way to Prom. Once it kicked in there my one friend who was a girl got really sweaty and thought she was going to pass out, she ended up not talking much and didn't enjoy Prom. My other friend, who was a guy, sat in the chair the entire night and didn't get up, not even to dance with his date.

    To me, that's sad. Why did they have to go to Prom high? All it did was ruin the experience, when they could have waited and ripped bong in my place right after. So before you decide to get high before school/school trip, think if you REALLY need to be high for it. 
  18. Caught with a firecracker? No way, I'd stuff that in my mouth while the teachers watch me  :cool: .
  19. on the bus you can just keep your head down and you shouldnt get caught, just put your headphones in and close your eyes, or sunglasses. as for six flags you wont be with the teachers anyway. i think you'll be ok, dont advertise the fact that your bringing weed or that you're high though or people will start talking and the teachers might over hear
  20. Fuck yeah that's what i'm talkin about!

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