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firecrackers never again...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fenderj4, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. so today i had the complete worst experience with firecrackers. up until today i always made it with low quality mids or schwag, because the crackers are so potent and i didnt need more. but today i felt like trying it with some high quality OG kush and so go .5 gram and put it on one cracker and put it in the oven(heating the weed beforehand of course). then when it was done, i went to eat it and i could not for the love of me swallow it. it was rank with weed taste and i couldn't take it. first i tried a quarter of a cracker and managed to get it down with some milk and holding my nose. the minute i let go of my nose the taste flew back in and i almost gagged. i tried it again with another quarter except this time after i let go of my nose i actually did gag my lunch. then i tried grinding the other half and putting it in milk and drinking that but only got about half down before i started gagging again.... absolute worst experience with weed ever. since it was quality bud i'm a little buzzed right now so it wasn't a complete waste but still.... never doing that again, sigh. guess its single serving cannabutter/cannaoil recipes for me
  2. It should be single serving cannaoil recipes anyway, firecrackers suck dick.
  3. Lol, I don't really know how to say this without being rude.

    Stop being a vagina.
  4. Lol, I can down 2 or 3 firecrackers easily within a matter of seconds without milk. The taste doesn't bother me at all. :D
  5. lol well just the fact that you don't want to be rude makes it all good. and yeah i know :/ theyre really potent and a great use of weed, but taste wise they do suck dick
  6. Jesus I think your tolerance is just too low.

    I recently made a firecracker and it was a pretty good because i used mid sativa.

    maybe use sativa next time because indica might hit too hard for you
  7. make brownies. a quarter of some dank will make a killer dozen. extract all the oil u can and then keep all the ground up bud and put it in the mix. brownies are 118181818x betta than firecrackers.
  8. I do the peanut butter instead of the crackers.

    It gets kinda dry so I mix the peanut butter with regular peanut butter. Put it on crackers and enjoy.

    The taste of those is pretty delicious actually. A little thick though, gotta use a little drink.
  9. I hate them as well. Will never make them again, felt like i wasted a gram of AK-47.
  10. Taste is a non issue for me. Many better cooking options out there imo
  11. Firecrackers taste fucking great you ungrateful picky $%#$%@%$@%$$@^#^#&^.

    Nah i joke, but they do taste really good. The taste of weed is awesome in my opinion. It's just so earthy and spicy i love it!

    Seriously though you need to grow a pair.
  12. yeah i've been dying to make brownies since i started toking but seriously the amount of dank i need for them is way to expensive in my area... my guy charges me like 180 for half an ounce of cali purp

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