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Firecrackers in the broiler? answer ASAP please!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PatrickTheToker, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Ok aparently the heating element in the oven went out today, and I planned on making a couple fire crackers for the first time. There is a second heating element in the oven though, for the broiler, but there are only 2 settings on it Low and High. Can I still make the firecrackers? How long should I leave them in for? On low or high? Thanks.

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
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    Yo Let them sit for about 4 days
    And it will work If you let them sit Some ppl do only 1 or 2 but 3 or 4 is max potency
    But they are suppose to be more potent than cooking Also if you can Use fresh peanut butter from a store and it will work even better if not it is still okay You do not have to wrap it in tin foil but prolly layerd in ceran rap )Dont know how to spell but the clear shit
  3. Yea, but I was looking forward to trying them tonight :(

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  4. Well Look up on google right now what the broil temp on a stove goes up to
    Because it might be just enough Who knows
  5. Nah, I google'd it and it said most ovens broil only goes down to 500*F

    Do you think if I put them in there on low for about 10 minutes they would come out okay?

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  6. I don't suggest doing it, but if you absolutely feel the need make sure to put the firecrackers on the bottom rack when you do it. can't really help you otherwise.
  7. Well made them, and ate them about 10 minutes ago. I guess time will tell if they turned out good. Wish me luck!:hello:

    Happy Toking.:smoke:

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