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Firecrackers in a toaster oven?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Purp Smoker, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I'm using this recipe to make fire crackers:

    Cannacrackers - step by step recipe by kisps

    My friend has a toaster oven at his house and we got the idea to make firecrackers in that instead of a regular oven.

    Now, I know nothing about toaster ovens at all, would it work just like a regular oven and would I still get the same effects?

  2. Yes. A toaster oven is just a very small, much more efficient, oven. Therefore, provided whatever you're cooking fits in there fine then you should be all set. Plus you're saving energy!
  3. Actually... not always. Sometimes toaster ovens do not get hot enough to cook firecrackers. Even tho the dial may go to 350, the toaster oven's efficiency of maintaining heat is less reliable than a conventional oven. All my failed firecrackers have been due to using a toaster oven. Also, some friends of mine who have tried toaster ovens have had the same results. It CAN work, especially if you have a good toaster oven, but im not taking chances anymore.
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    Sooo gonna try 'em!
  5. i used a toaster oven without a temperature guage and mine work out fine.

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