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Firecrackers Fucked Us

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Dottedpanda, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. K let me explain the situation to you guys that i am in right now from the begining. I made firecrackers yesterday for the first time and put a fucking gram and a half on each one. Later that night my gf and i ate the firecrackers. An hour later my girlfriend started tripping and i felt shit, she then proceeded to trip so hard that she began breaking down and freaking the fuck out. She was terrified of everything and i could do nothing to calm her down. Oh and by the way we only ate one of the firecrackers. So anyway this morning we woke up and we were fine. We went to eat at twelve at noodles and company and on the way there i was moping so i ate a quarter of one of the firecrackers. We ate with my family and around twelve fourty i began to feel out of it like dizzy. We pull out of the parking lot and suddenly my girlfriend who hadn't eaten anything today started to feel out of it again at the same time. So right now we are both tripping balls in my room haha WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?

    Why is she tripping when she didn't eat any since yesterday and why did i not feel a whole firecracker but am fucked off of a quarter?
  2. i dont know about why it would be so severe for either of u guys right now but it probably has somethign to do with the fact that u got up and went out which requires u to be moderately active, get the blood pumping a little more, and in the process circulating what was already kinda sitting in ur stomach and obviously not completely absorbed already.. edibles can be odd, who knows..
  3. i dont know, thats fucked up! i just got one question.. why are you sharing firecrackers and eating 1/4 of them? theyre like 2 bites
  4. didnt you say in your other thread that it was your girlfriends first time getting high? thats probably why she freaked out. probably had too much and had a panic attack. idk about the rest though
  5. ...Your gf doesn't sound like she should be eating firecrackers. Being high and freaking out, meh, can happen to the best of us, but KEEP IN YOUR FUCKING HEAD.... christ....
  6. damn, too much weed on one cracka
  7. You don't "trip" off weed. You both probably have low tolerance and aren't used to the effects of edibles.
  8. We all told you that 1.5 g's is a fuckin OVERDOSE to someone who hasnt even smoked before..
  9. thats lame...

    I hate girls who can't hold their own... sorry, but it's a pet peeve of mine.

    the girls that either freak out, and ruin the time for everyone else...

    or the girls that have to tell you every 3 minutes just how "fucked up" they are.

    lose the girl, eat more firecrackers

  10. There's your answere right there. Clearly you put way too much weed in them for your level of tolerance, and if it was your girlfriends first time.... Youch. No wonder she freaked out.
  11. #11 xpirate77, Feb 15, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 15, 2009
    im sorry, but I still don't see how that explains it.

    yea it would have been a bit much... but I don't understand how anyone "freaks out" on any amount of weed.

    me and my friends made firecrackers last week, made 4 of them, used a total of about 10 grams, of headies.(we always have mass amounts of weed, so why not)

    for one of my friends, it was his first time doing anything with weed.

    he had a great time for a couple hours, then commented about how he was very high, and couldnt really see straight and then he just fell asleep...

    EDIT: pinball wizard, my warrior has that sword >.<
  12. She's probably not tripping the second time. It's pretty common with hallucinogenic drugs to have flashbacks where sometime when your sober your body will tweak and you'll feel like you're tripping again. This can happen with weed, but is more common with things like salvia and acid.
  13. sounds like something two little noobs would do.
    honestly, weed doesnt trip you out like that, you guys were doing it to yourselves.

    test your girlfriend, make a "placebo" firecracker (with absolutely no bud on it) and tell her to eat the whole thing.

    ill bet she starts fucking tripping out again.
    shit like that happens,

  14. That's not entirely true. For the most part weed just gets you baked/stupid/stone/etc but sometimes, on rare occasion with the right setting and state of mind it can make you trip.

    and yeah, freaking out like that is definitely a newb thing.
  15. a gram and a half? holy fuck.....
  16. i did a 1 gram firecracker yesterday i was high from 11pm - 4pm
  17. indeed. i ate 2 brownies last night (at least a g in each) and another one tonight. been feeling great the whole time....loving the long highs. maybe brownies dont fuck you up as much? who knows...i never tried firecrackers, but no offense you guys sound like weed noobs.
  18. mail me the rest of your weed :)
  19. Too much weed on each firecracker, I use .5 finely ground and eat an entire one and im good. Try it with less weed, seriously.

    And I've had some intense anxiety using eddibles, more so than smoking, so that could be why.
  20. yeah 1.5 grams is WAY too much, especially for a first time, even hashmouf only makes GRAMcrackers and regulates from there...I have a high tolerance and eating a single GramCracker is enough to get me feeling preeeetty good, 2 is straight up couch lock, i couldn't get up if I wanted to.

    You might've ruined MJ for her. Never do edibles for the first time, because the high can't be easily waited out like smoking, there are a few times that I've gotten TOO high and I didn't like where I was at...but that lasted maybe 5 or 10 minutes and I was back to a normal state of being superbaked, when you do that with edibles the peak lasts a shitload longer.

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