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Firecrackers!!! First time review :)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by zakkm_113, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. So I decided today was the perfect day to try out a firecracker for the first time. I had just picked up an 8th of some awesome home grown Oregon sativa shit, and the GF wasn't home ;) So I put about .5 G of dank shit on two saltines covered with some oily peanut butter, wrapped it in tin foil, baked it for 23 minutes at 340 F and just ate one. Tasted like absolute shit.... Took it at 1:00 now waiting for the results :) Let you know if it works/

    Oh and I'm thinking of smoking a small bowl to kinda speed up the process, what do you think?
  2. dont smoke the bowl. trust me in about an hour ou wont need it. eating is a differnt high and you wont get to expierience it all the way. also next time dont waste your dank. mids are just fine
  3. I would use mids if i could ever find them. Out here in SLC, UT its hard to find mids or schwag. People here just dont smoke that shit
  4. that must be a nice problem to have. yeah but the headies will get you baked just as well in edibles but ive heard that all the thc wont be absorbed all the time. plus the most fucked ive ever been is off schwag brownies. edibles are intence. Enjoy :)

  5. Could you absorb more THC with more peanut butter? Some veg. oil?
  6. IDK about more peanut butter or veg oil, but what i did was i got kinda old peanut butter that had that oily shit on top and scooped that up and put that on.

    UPDATE: exactly 30 min, and nothing. I'll check back in another 30 min
  7. idk i guess using natural oily pb is better then standard pb but like i said ive never had a problem getting high of edibles. as long as you use a decent amount of natural pb on a cracker, your going to get plenty of thc in your system.
  8. did you eat on a full stomach? sometimes ill eat one after dinner and it will take 4 hours for it to kick in (no shit) but on an empty stomach, usually 45 minutes to an hour. if you have a slower metablolism it will take longer. serioulsy dont get frustrated. if you used dank then it will hit you sooner or later
  9. If you ate the FC's on a full stomach don't expect to feel anything
    I always have to smoke a bowl for it to kick in...
    I call it a "transfer high" because I feel the bowl first, then it transfers to the
    come up of the firecrackers...

    Good luck

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