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Firecrackers done wrong?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Rocket1967, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. I made my first batch couple days ago

    First batch .5g of weed grinded between two saltines with peanut butter wrapped in foil

    Oven 340-10 minutes

    Ate one and and almost 1.5ish later wam i was sooo high it was surprising

    Second batch

    Decarb weed in oven 240 degrees for 40mins
    Grind and Place on saltine with peanut butter with little drops of veg oil wrap up and back in oven for 22mins at 320

    Second batch didnt hit me at all and i was using .75g per cracker

    What went wrong?

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  2. The same exact amount of the same exact edible can have dramatically different effects during different uses.
    Different herb or different prep method can procuce even greater variability.
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  3. Does my method for decarb seem
    Good to you

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  4. It should work ok.
    Better is to decarb the herb in air for 40 min @ 240 F.
    Some infusion is still necessary, and baking a nut butter, lecithin, herb mixture @ 220 F for 20 min works well.
    BrassNwood's method is popular, and it can be followed by freezing the mixture next.
    The complete method is to thaw, bake again @ 220 F for 20 min, then freeze again.
    Then spread it on crackers.
    I do this all the time, and have several small pans of different strains sitting around.
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  5. Wow thanks for the info maybe ill try that next week and see how it goes

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  6. [QUOTE="bkarnaze, post: 24828333, member: 986717"
    Better is to decarb the herb in air for 40 min @ 240 F.[/QUOTE]
    This is the rule of thumb I use

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