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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Rediah1, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. So looking around the forum, I see a lot about firecrackers and how they are really easy to make and really effective (if made properly). I might be going out of state to new york sometime later this week, and I want to try and see if I can make a firecracker to consume for the ride there, because it is going to be like 4 hour ride or so. It will be my first firecracker, and if successful, my first real edible experiance. I am a lightweight in terms of tolerance I guess you can say.

    A .25g J of some dank between me and my buddy usually gets us both pretty stoned for a couple hours. So I read that when making edibles, you usually want to double the amount you usually smoke, so in this case I technically get really high off .125g of some dank. Will .25g of some dank be a reasonable amount for my first time? Btw I will be using the nutella firecracker method, and will most likely consume it a few days after I make the firecracker, which should allow it some extra time to increase potency.

    Has anyone had good experiances with this low of an amount? And is it worth it?
  2. If you are a lightweight .25, on a realatively empty stomach, should do the trick if you cook the firecracker. 300F x 25minutes

    The sit out methods is more hit or miss.

    Decarb/activate the weed first

    Eat a little something 45 minutes before eating the firecracker, but just a little something.

    Eat 45 minutes before getting in the vehicle, you will be feeling something as the ride starts and be a full strength at about the 1.5-2hr mark.

    Report back and let us know how it went.

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