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Firecracker woes...

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by eyeinfluence, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. So i had a firecracker at around 6, 6:30ish today and its 7:46 now and i feel the slightest body high... its really dissapointing...

    I mixed the weed and peanut butter together, spread it on both crackers, then cooked for 23 min on 320 degrees.. wtf? is this all there is too it?

    I got a stronger high when i smoked a joint this morning..:(
  2. Try leaving them in door for like 3 or 4 days thats what i did and it doesn't smell up the house.
  3. well how i cookem i put some veggie oil on it and put them in the microwave and got me hella stoned all night, i was geekin hella hard. I've never done them in the microwave and you need a fair amount of bud on there. Put like 1.5g of mids to have a good time, i've never done it with dank though, i'd imagine around .4 or .5 for dank

    I think your problem was all in the preparation, most likely you didnt have enough bud in there.
  4. I make them often. Spread the peanut butter on first then put oil and butter and weed on top.
  5. You skipped the oil.
  6. Also I do 350f for 25 minutes when I bake my fire crackers.
  7. I tried them out a few weeks ago, but I let them sit for a day and a half rather than cooking. It worked well for me, a very calm high just getting progressively better. Try it that way if you're game to give it another shot.

  8. You should watch out with high temps like that. The higher the temperature, the more THC or CBD or whatever is lost. I read that you should cook at 325 degrees F to ensure that you don't vaporize the weed. I think the vaporizing temperature is ~360 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on how moist it is.
  9. You also have to take in account the heat has to penetrate the cracker, peanut butter, and then get to the weed. 350 has always worked fine for me.
  10. is there any way to tell if the cracker is ready by just looking at it?
  11. and wat kinda oil yall b puttin on there
  12. i didn't put any oil... i thought that shit was optional.

    damn... and i didnt weigh the bud but it covered a saltine up nicely so i think i was using i good amount of bud. at least .5
  13. I use 350 everytime and have made over a hundred firecrackers. You also have to realize the molecules of the spread still have to heat up as it is a medium for the herb. 350 for 20-25 mins is good. 375+ is too high.
  14. i mix the weed with the weed and oil then put the mixture on the crackers

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