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Firecracker w/out tin foil

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Bad Intentions, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. I have some schwag and I'd like to make some firecrackers, I have the organic PB and crackers, yet I have no tin foil (Couldn't find it at my grocery store). Most places have said to heat the oven at 320 for around 20 mins. Will having no tin foil affect my firecrackers? Have you ever made them without tin foil? -Thanks
  2. Couldn't find tin foil at a grocery store? Seems pretty common at most of the ones I've been to but I would suggest finding some because without it the peanut butter will ooze out the sides of the cracker and make a mess of your oven. Not sure what you could use as a replacement.
  3. Yeah I've seen it at the grocery store all the time, but this time it was out of stock or something.
    I have one of those cookie sheets and parchment paper so I'm not really concerned with the mess, I'm just wondering if it'll affect the potency of the firecracker. I have aluminum foil but I heard that's bad.

    I don't have access to a car right now and the grocery store is pretty damn far, I think I'm gonna try it out, I got plenty left anyways.
  4. Use the aluminum foil?

  5. Its only bad when you smoke out of it, not when you bake with it :cool:

    Go with the aluminum :wave:
  6. Tin foil... Isnt that Aluminium foil anyway?

    I always called aluminium foil, tin foil..

  7. Well nowadays they seem to be synonymous with one another, but just to

    clarify: "Tin foil is much stiffer than aluminium foil. It tends to give a slight tin

    taste to the food wrapped in it, which is one major reason it has largely been

    supplanted by aluminium and other materials for wrapping food."

  8. I never knew they were different...
  9. Due to running out of foil, I left 3 of them uncovered just to test.

    I smoked a jay and ate one of these around 10 AM, its 3 now, and im still buzzing. So these firecrackers are definately working without being covered. Just make sure that the peanut butter isn't gonna leak out, as it will stick to the pan.
  10. Well duh they are different. Sn (tin) is one element, Al (Aluminum) is another. But people often call aluminum foil tin foil. I've never seen actual tin (Sn) foil in a store.
  11. Cookies are so much easier than firecrackers. Just buy some English Bay cookie dough. Rub it up with some bud, and place it on a cookie tray. Doesn't even smell either.
  12. A replacement for tin foil would be grease-proof paper. I think cling film and newspaper also works but i can't be positive.

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