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Firecracker - Using the Microwave.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Amsunday, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I figured I would post an experience on here of me eating a firecracker made in a microwave; seeing that alot of people are wondering if it actually works. I read around, and the majority of the people on various forums say that it works well using a microwave.

    I'm not sure if its going to work or not, because I just ingested it about 10 minutes ago - But I will update if it works. I made One cracker, using about half a gram of weed. I nuked it for about 30 seconds 3 times, letting it cool in between the half minutes.

    1:20 A.M - Ingested One (1) Firecracker. Used two saltine crackers, smothered in peanut butter on each side; with about .5 - .8 of a gram sprinkled in the middle.

    1:45 A.M - Started this thread.

    I will update this if anyone else is interested.
  2. Good log.
    Hope you come up with something.
  3. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to getting a decent buzz. This is my first time making a cracker so Hopefully, if anything, I made it right.
  4. So what happened?
  5. Nothing happened until around 3:30 A.M.

    I was getting tired and was just about to call it a night, whenever it crept up on me. The high is rather.. Different. I wasn't up long enough to really describe it, but the firecracker using a microwave definitely works.

    I gave in and went to sleep around 4:30 ish; but I will be making another one soon.

    TL;DR - Firecrackers using the microwave DO work.
  6. I wouldn't eat a firecracker so late in the day.

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