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Firecracker success using only a microwave

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by raydavies, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. So today I decided to test out making firecrackers with no access to an oven (I live in a dorm), and only had a microwave to my disposal. Here is what I did:

    1) Took about .3-.4 of some really good stuff (obv. non-dank will require bigger quantity), and ground it in my grinder.

    2) Put 4 saltines on a plate, and covered them with peanut butter (Peter Pan- creamy).

    3) Put the saltines w/peanut butter in the microwave for 30 seconds.

    4) Immediately after removing crackers from microwave (peanut butter is still hot/warm), sprinkled the weed evenly over 2 of the crackers, and sandwiched them with the other 2.

    5) Wrapped the crackers in tinfoil and brought the crackers over to a friend's house. Ate them about 5-10 minutes after taking them out of the microwave (they were still a bit warm). I WAS ON AN EMPTY STOMACH (had last eaten like 5 hours beforehand).

    6) Was high for a solid 5-6 hours, and was stoned for 2-3 of those hours. The weed hit me just minutes after eating the crackers (slight body buzz), but really started kicking in a bit over an hour after ingestion.

    So in closing, it seems that quality firecrackers can be made without an oven. As long as you add the weed AFTER the crackers w/peanut butter are microwaved, you stand no risk of killing the THC from too much heat. I don't even know that letting the finished crackers sit for a day or 2 would have helped much, as the firecrackers were pretty damn potent. For all of you who live in a dorm and want to quickly make firecrackers, go for this method. If you have really dank weed you won't need a lot, and the microwave preparation is much quicker than the oven method (only 30 seconds). Try to eat them on a very empty stomach for full effect, and enjoy. Don't listen to anyone who says "you need to use an oven," or "you have to leave the crackers out a few days." This method worked really well for me, and it will hopefully work for you. By the way, this was my first time ever making firecrackers, so the trial and (no) error paid off quite well.

    Bon Appetite!
  2. I am going to try this right now because I don't have an oven available right now. I will post with results.
  3. results bro!!!
  4. How'd it work?
  5. If only I saw this yesterday, I just made some firecrackers using the sit-out method, gotta wait a few days before I can eat it.
  6. ^I've eaten it 2 days after letting it just sit out with no heating and they worked almost as well as the week long ones...
  7. Wow you must have no tolerance lol.
  8. You didn't even use organic peanut butter...?
  9. lol one time i melted a tiny bit of butter into a bowl, put some vegetable oil in there, threw about .2 to .3 g of really wet weed in there, microwaved for like 3 min and it got me really baked actually, i was surprised lol
  10. [quote name='"Budlessdouglas"']You didn't even use organic peanut butter...?[/quote]

    Nope, just plain old Peter Pan. I don't know I organic really makes much of a difference, as they both have a lot of fat content.
  11. Just got finished eating 2 i just made with graham crackers. Really suprised at how quick they hit you and how easy this is, propz man.
  12. I'm subbing to this thread as I'm not quite convinced yet... would rather hear some more success stories
  13. I want to try this out tonight. I'll get back to you soon :)
  14. This seems a little sketchy because of how easy it is. I will try soon though, and post results!
  15. lol i wish i had enough weed laying around to try experiments like this
  16. [quote name='"KushNMusic"']lol i wish i had enough weed laying around to try experiments like this[/quote]

    Haha I never have weed. I got just one gram of some really good stuff, got high off a one-hitter about 5 different times, then used less than half of what I have left for the edible. I still have about a third/half of a gram left. If you get good enough stuff and have a low enough tolerance, small amounts of weed can last just about forever.
  17. I made a tea of sorts using the microwave. Used a mug full of whole milk and heated it 3 minutes stopping frequently to stir. I put the weed in a tea bag and let it sit for 15-20 minutes and drank it. Im decently stoned! I'm trying the firecrackers now!
  18. so im quite wary about doing this, seems like it may work?
    like a different way of doing the let them sit out method, by heating it up.
    i would suspect waiting a few hours before ingesting for ultimate effects rite??
    i want to try this.
    'want to'..
  19. Good write up.
    You might try nuking the firecracker with the weed in it some other time just to see if the effects are more pronounced. Microwaves don't kill thc, heat does, and too much microwaving causes too much heat. That's why I use 3, 10 second blast with 10-15 second rest between blast.

    Thank you also for pointing out that non-organic PB has a lot of fat in it. I think a lot of people confuse the oiliness of organic PB with the saturated fat content.

    And thank you for being brave enough to experiment. Too many newbs are so scared to waste even a tiny amount of weed experimenting and are missing out on the incredible buzz of edibles.
  20. just made this but cooked just weed to do the decarb thing 3 10 second intervals and added veg. oil on top. not eating it till later this week tho.

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