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**Firecracker recipe no microwave, no oven, no smell, SAME PUNCH

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Know PressurE, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. 325F for 30 minutes will do the job. Cover with foil. Make sure to preheat toaster oven.
  2. My god thx dude
  3. Might have to try this...
  4. No problem. That's what I do when I want a quick edible without going through the trouble of making a batch of brownies.
  5. I just tried this and it was pretty quick and easy except it smelled my room up but thats probably cus it was some dank shit. The smell was pretty much gone in 20 minutes anyway. it took a whie to kick in but is a really good trip when it does
  6. Can you use regular peanut butter? Lol

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    Reviving this (or not)
    Tried this two hours ago, an hour before work actually (chill people, it's ok), and yea, it works. I used around .7 of bud lemon kush and 13% fat peanut butter, only thing I could get without much time. Am flying high. Gonna go enjoy it away from my phone, just wanted to report in. Cheers! Edit after 5sec of posting: How rude of me, thanks OP :)

  9. Made around an hour ago, set up above 2 teacandles for 8 minutes.
    Awaiting results
  10. Just tried this recipe and it didn't work. I blew a fuse and the oven was off for at most 5min, still heated of course, would this have caused the weed not to decarb?

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