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**Firecracker recipe no microwave, no oven, no smell, SAME PUNCH

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Know PressurE, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. I literally just made an account to share this method of firecracker that I just tried today. It is simple and perfect for dorms. When I say no smell I mean literally no smell, not even burnt peanut butter smell. I only used .25 of a gram of dank because i didnt know what how this would work, but it worked like a charm. I dosed 1 hour and a half ago and now I am stoned possibly still going up. Here's what I did.

    Step ONE: I made a decently thick 2.5-3 inch diameter, aluminum bowl. I evenly layered the bottom with a quarter gram of goods. I then covered the goods with roughly a tbsp maybe and a half, of Arrowhead Mills Organic PB (has 17g of fat, I use it for my stupid bodybuilding diet lol). I pinched a little handle on the side of the aluminum bowl/box. So that i could hold it without holding by the bottom (I plan on making this sucker hot).

    Step TWO: I then grabbed my handy 99 cent lighter, and lit the bowl of weed PB, for 6 minutes. Moving it all around very slowly, making the pb nice and hot and fluid. It sounds awful but holding the lighter for 6 minutes didnt even feel like it was long at all.

    Step THREE: With the PB nice and hot, I mixed it well with a toothpick to mix the pb with the goods more, then I sat the bowl down on my desk and let it sit there for 10 minutes while I played a game of blops 2. Game over, come back to the bowl and it is back to its original pb texture somewhat. So i use a small spoon to scoop the pb goodness onto a graham cracker, And I finish the sandwich with another graham cracker.

    I ate it at about 10pm its 12am here, I can honeslty say this was the fastest, most clever way I have ever thought about getting baked, and it worked im pretty stoned. Took half an hour to write this lol. Sorry if someone has already posted this recipe before I just thought I sorta discovered this one. Anyone with goods and a spare 6 minutes lol try this one out tell me how it worked for you I will def do this again it worked as well as any firecracker I have ever made I almost feel like it was .4-.5 this high is pretty heavy. In a good way though. Hope to hear some experience reports from you guys ha.

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  2. 6 fuckin minutes

  3. yea man its so bad, and it is def worth it. 6 minutes of pain for 6 hours of joy :)

  4. Use a can of Sterno and you won't burn your fingers with the lighter. Won't have to buy as many lighters, either, and it's safer. 6 minutes is a lot of butane.:)
  5. Thats awesome never heard of that method

  6. Yea it was my first time trying it now I know what Id do differently. The lighter burnt me like a bitch after the 6 minutes i accidentally touched the wrong part when setting it down and got my thumb rly good haha but it was alright. The lighters are better than I thought, I didn't even know they had enough juice to run for 6 minutes lol. I personally love how this method worked out though, because I live in a dorm, with a non smoker, and he hates the smell, and i was able to successfully do everything in my dorm bed, without any smell. This one works out.
  7. Nice brotha, very clever!
  8. You should use a candle, so it smells good and wont waste the lighter.
  9. I just tried your recipe. They tasted good. I was gonna say that they don't pack a punch like the ones made in the oven... but then I realized it has already taken me 25 minutes to write this. Hahaha.
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  10. Thanks for the feedback bro! I did it again and the second time worked just as well, I put a finely ground .3 in there the second time. Its seeming pretty solid at this point, only thing is I would recommend sterno or candle over lighter I assume they will all produce a similar flame in terms of flame heat. Whenever i try out the candle or sterno heat sources I will post results and specifically what I did :)
  11. I think I might try this. I will report back with results.
  12. now how doesnt this vape the weed too soon cuz lighters are 500 degrees if not more
  13. Sounds fucking sweerrt moght try
  14. Subbed to try this later lol
  15. How do u heat it u hold the lighter flame under the aluminum? How do u hold the aluminum without burning yourself? As well could u maybe remake the box and post a pick of it?

  16. I probably used about .3 and a pinch of some kief. I started to try this but then became impatient. I guess if you have no other option a lighter is the way to go. 6 minutes is a long time holding a lighter. I said fuck it and put it over the lowest flame on my gas stove. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. It smelled a bit like peanut butter, if you got close you could smell the pot. It seemed like it was about to burn if I let it sit for another couple minutes.

    I then made some toast for a PBJ so it just smelled like toast and PB. I took about 3-4 hits from my mflb to pass the time, then ate my sandwich. About 45 min later I started to feel it, then I was high for a good 4 hours. Nothing too intense but peaceful. I thought I was coming down a few times but the high just seemed to go on. I love edibles. I hope this helps.
  17. I wanna try this, any other methods similar to this? I'm thinking about using my stove to heat it, because i don't wanna waste lighter fluid

  18. Just bake it in the oven or toaster oven. It will work better.
  19. How long in the toaster oven?????.???? Omg ??

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