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firecracker question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by whitekush, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. k, i have a quick question lol

    i wanted to make a firecracker (maybe 2) on sunday night.
    instead of cooking it then, i was going to let it sit out on my counter (wrapped though) over night.
    on monday morning, i was going to throw them into my oven (@300f) for like 5-10 mins then eat them for breakfast.
    also, i dont think i can do peanut butter (allergic..) can i use say.. nutella?

  2. Yes you can
  3. I planned on making fire crackers for this weekend. I was planning on letting them just sit out for a couple of days to let the thx soak into te peanut buttter oils. So my real question, where should I keep my crackers for 2-3 days while they set? Fridge? Countertop? Should I keep them
    in a ziplock?

  4. dont put them in the fridge. just set them on your dresser or something. the cold will neutralize the oils in the pb and make it hard for the thc to soak up.

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