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firecracker question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ionbob00, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. i just ate a firecracker and im ready for takeoff. my question is are my eyes still gonna get red. they usually turn more red than anyone else when i smoke.
  2. I dont think so
  3. My eyes still get red when I have edibles.
  4. Yeah thats one of the side effects of getting high
  5. alright thanks guys. another quick question is it gonna hit me all at once or will it come in phases
  6. It will start to come on after maybe 45 minutes and slowly rise over the next hour
  7. they'll still get red. my eyes always get red and, no surprise, when i had a couple brownies they were red too.

    Didn't hit me for almost 2 hours though, and that was on an empty stomach
  8. Youe eyes may or may not get red, sometimes edibles are different.
    Wait a full 2 hours and you should be feeling the full effect by then, before that you will feel a very slight high(things starting to get funnier, getting lazier,ect) waiting for it to really kick in. But they are awesome once you feel it.
  9. they'll get red. i ate one at 6 in the morning, my flight being at 7. it fuckin kicked waiting for the plane to take off. craziest flight ever i had to keep myself from like freakin out it was so insane then when i got to florida i spent the whole day with my family and everybody kept asking why my eyes are were so red

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