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Firecracker Oil?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Greenwall, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Just cooked up some coconut cannaoil by putting in decarbed bud into liquid coconut oil for 20 minutes at 315F. Pretty strong.

    I'm wondering if I just drop some of the oil onto a cracker and let that dissolve into it, could I bag some crackers to bring on a road trip?

    If worse comes to worse I'll do it, but I really prefer not to carry a mason jar of canna-oil with me :cool:

    Or if anyone has any other ideas to quickly make some physical edibles out of canna-oil it'd be great!
  2. make some brownies!
  3. make some angel cake or something u can eat, like out of a thing that not bad, easy to eat tasty not lookin like bud ofc and get u high!
    Your using ABV?
  4. Just make some simple Canna Truffles... they only require five minutes of blending three or four ingredients including your oil, in a bowl, then just another few minutes to roll the rich chocolate canna-ganache-type base, into balls. You can roll them in nuts too, if you like, or just leftover cocoa powder.

    Truffles are quick, delicious, and don't require baking... you can add fruity, coffee, and other flavors too. ;)

    And they are probably much tastier than oily crackers :p

    Truffles on the left, below...

    A 'gift bag' of truffles, capsules and a canna cookie...

    And making the truffles...



    All you need is a little cocoa powder, powdered sugar, your canna oil, and a few drops of vanilla, for dark chocolate canna truffles, and a splash of cream or a spoon of powdered milk, for milk chocolate canna truffles.

    I'll finish up by saying that the word 'firecracker' really should NEVER be associated with a quality oil, or even a hastily-made oil. :p

    Folks are often confused enough, as it is, by incorrectly assuming that firecrackers come close to the quality of even a lesser oil. :)
  5. You never cease to amaze me badkitty...What she said OP

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