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Firecracker, leaving it overnight to absorb THC

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Jizz Master, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I've heard letting the firecraker sit overnight after its cooked and cooled down will allow the peanut butter to better absorb the THC from the marijuana. Is there any truth to this?

    By the way I plan on just leaving them wrapped in tinfoil or plastic overnight as I plan to just eat them tomorrow when I go to a friends house. Is this going to be ok to just leave for a night?
  2. well i know you can just let them sit out for a couple nights without cooking them at all and it works real good..just wrap in plastic wrap
  3. anyone else??
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    so will they soak enoth in 2 days because im going get some bud tommrow and want to have time so me and friend can get high off these. on friday
  5. Anyone else have any observation or analysis on this?
    I'm planning to make some firecrackers as well pretty soon.

    Mixing peanut butter + vaped weed and have them sit for couple days before cooking sounds like it would maximize the thc absorption to peanut butter fat.
  6. back when i only did firecrackers, i tried letting it sit a week once and i didnt feel anything. toaster oven on the other hand always worked. got to a point when thinking of eating a firecracker made me gag so i started making sugar cookies. im at a point where sugar cookies make me gag. i just spread the butter on bread now
  7. I made 2 firecrackers one time and ate one and left the other to sit for another 3 days. When I finally ate the second one, it tasted twice as bad as the first one, but I've never been so high in my life
  8. Don't just let it sit overnight! Wait at least one week and a half if you really want this to work. If I were you I would make some canna-oil. It's easy to make and you can leave it overnight too! You can put it on any food that you'd like. Btw before making the firecracker, did you decarb the weed first?

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