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Firecracker Help - Microwave?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by MooseyPoo, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. #1 MooseyPoo, Jan 25, 2014
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2014
    Hey there
    Recently, I've been looking into making edibles, specifically firecrackers. The only problem is I have to keep it on the down-low as I'm still living with my parents. I figured a more sly way of going about making them would be by using a microwave. I've read through a few threads on various forums regarding making firecrackers with a microwave but most seemed to give mixed results.
    Taking from various guides, this is my plan
    1. Mix ~1.5 teaspoons of peanut butter with ~1 teaspoon of Nutella
    a. Heat mixture in microwave until very warm -> hot
    2. Spread mixture onto graham cracker
    3. Sprinkle ground weed (probably around .2 -> .3 grams) on top of the peanut butter/nutella mixture
    4. Close crackers and wrap in saran wrap (cling film)
    5. Microwave for 30 seconds, and then in short bursts at a low power level (~8 seconds, 50% power, let sit for 30 seconds, repeat) maybe 3-4 times
    After this I'll probably let it sit for an hour or two, and then eat.
    Does this sound fine? Have any of you had success using a microwave? Any tips or ideas people can give me?
    I'll definitely be posting a follow-up of how things go. :smoke:
    Take it easy, and thanks for reading ^_^

  2. That sounds pretty messed up.
  3. Could you elaborate on that at all? 
  4. This is a very bad idea and ur just going to waste weed. Use an oven, it doesnt smell very much, and any smell will be gone in 20 minutes. Oven works. Or if you are really sketchy about it, let the firecracker sit for 1-2 weeks with no cooking in a dark spot. It will extract the thc. The no cook method does work and it great if you are living with parents

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  5. Well, I decided to try it anyway. 
    About .4 grams of dank, 35 seconds of microwaving on high, then did 8 seconds at 50% 3 times in a row with a short break in between.
    Let it sit for ~20 minutes and ate on a completely empty stomach.
    Will post results later, hopefully it works :smoke:
    Oh yeah, and they tasted like shit :eek:
  6. don't know if .4 grams will work... ate 1.5 the other day and no effects :(. it was good weed to lots of thc
    think you need at least 3 grams.
  7. #8 MooseyPoo, Jan 26, 2014
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2014
    3 grams would knock you out, dude, at least from what I've read. I think you must've done something else wrong? Most of what I've read has said .5 -> 1 grams is easily enough. I used .4 as it hasn't been too long since my last tolerance break, and haven't had anything else to eat. :p
  8. Have fun, interested to hear the result on this one.

    last and only time i got high from eating weed was 3 grams of white rhino on toast with peanut butter. lol was 14 and had to eat all the weed before my mom threw it away or discovered it again. but the high was messed, felt like 1000's of little spiders crawling all over my body.

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