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FIRECRACKER First time experience

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Rocket1967, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Hello all

    First time trying firecracker edibles and i wanted to share this

    Here was my process

    Ive been resting all day and Ive been a little sick so i had some saltine crackers, cheap thick peanut butter (i know natural is better) and aluminum foil

    I grinded up bout 1.5 grams as just a guess

    Layed a layer of peanut butter over 4 saltines about as thick as two quarters

    Grinded up some gushers strain which is a heavy indica

    Split the weed onto two crackers and then used the other halves and put them on top. I didnt put weed on 4 crackers just 2

    Want to take this easy

    Threw them in some foil and chucked them into the oven at 350 degress first ten minutes, i then read most people saying use around 320 degrees so i lowered the temp for the last 12 minutes.... 22 minutes total

    I ate them at 5:10 pm and now we will see

    My first experience with edibles was mehh at best with some gummies (2 gummies 10mg thc each)

    2nd time was wooahhhh tooo much i was trippin (4 gummies 10mg thc each)

    3rd time just a buzz same dose as first time

    Im hoping this kind of comes on slow and smooth as my orevious experiences were with 1 hour time release.

    Im well over 6 feet i weigh 340lbs

    I smoke daily- usually 2 joints a day on average and maybe a bowl hit or two more

    I smoked this morning some roach pot 1st generation it wasnt bad i threw a bunch in my grinder and into a raw cone it was a good high for an hour

    My tolerance really is up unfortunately but im hoping these firecrackers give me that wow feeling again

    Im watching Beetlejuice cause i like weird movies like this or night at the museum when im blazed....i guess fantasy type movies

    Anyway they sure as hell tested good and drank a big ole glass of water behind it and it left an amzing after taste....really hope these are that good so i can do this more on days like today when i got nothing going on

    Thanks for reading and i used paragraphs cause i didnt want to use punctuation and sentences that rambled on

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  2. Did you decarb the weed before you made the edible? If you didn't it won't get you high man :laughing:

    Beetlejuice is also a dope film dude
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  3. You should try using ritz crackers or graham crackers for your firecrackers. Either one might taste better than a saltine cracker.
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  4. You really don’t have to decarb weed for a firecracker. I used to make them all the time in grade school and they would always turn out great
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  5. I disagree dude check either @PsychedelicSam or @BrassNwood threads they both decarb & have helped many people..

    I admit you can get high eating hash that hasn't been decarbed but with weed it's a whole different story dude lol
  6. Weedheads get too advanced with cannabis use. Weed used to be so simple to transition into when I was younger. Nowadays people get scared away from it.
  7. What lol why are people scared of weed :wacko:
  8. Not everyone cares about decarbing weed. Not everyone cares for all the extra facts about weed. People just want to catch a buzz and have a good time
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  9. Well if you want to waste your weed by not decarbing go ahead lol it's your weed not mine..

    People do care about the correct way to make edibles because some people use them for pain relief & other health issues.. why wouldn't you just put your weed in the oven for 40 minutes to guarantee you get high?
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  10. Decarb happened in the peanut butter during heating.
    Beetlejuice is loved by many.
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  11. I know how to properly decarb weed at 200 degrees for 75 minutes. I have time for that. Also I have the weed for it since I grow. Not everyone has the time and patience for that process. The world is fast pace, I’m sure you know about that.
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  12. Yeah it doesn't work like that dude lol just check bnw or psams threads.. I thought the same at one point that just chucking hash/weed into a cake mix then cooking would work.. then I decarbed first then baked whatever & it gets you way higher then not decarbing at all.
  13. Lmaooo dude it takes 40 minutes to decarb not 75.. unless your decarbing shatter/wax then you just wait till it has bubbles or something which can take over 40 mins :confused_2:
  14. I’m sure you have heard of “different strokes for different folks.” Different things may work for different people. I’m sure you are a lot more experienced than I. I’m 21 and I don’t know how old you are so...
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  15. #15 BrewsnWeed666, Jul 30, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
    I'm 26 & I'm pretty sure the dudes I tagged are twice your age maybe more:confused_2: I'll take there word over any 1s when it comes to edibles as both of them have more experience with them on here then most people.

    + If there was a better way to decarb ect I'm pretty sure they'd of found it by now man lol
  16. P-Sam says a good in- oil decarb is 240 F for 2.5 hours.
    300 F + does it faster.
    In-oil decarb is a real thing, but not quite as good as the in-air decarb you refer too.
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  17. Heres the thing, i thougjt about doing this hut there was sooo many articles of people making them and never adding that step at all. With that being said the recipes I found 8/10 never mentioned this step so i skipped it. I will def try that next time if this doesnt work.

    Its almost one hour and nothing yet so we will see my friend

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  18. .

    I've not read everything about it I just know that decarbing gets you higher then just chucking whatever you have into a cake mix & baking it
  19. I actually loved the way the saltine tasted but i will definitely try different options

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  20. So it sounds like with age comes more experience.

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