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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by relakit2, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. has anyone ever heard of fire? i bought an eighth for $65 yesterday. is that good?
  2. Dude, around here when people say their bud is fire it means it's just good, or really good. Or bomb..haha depends dude, I think you got ripped off for $65 an eighth though 'cause that's some dank prices.. any picture?
  3. Fire is just a general term for some really good weed. And I`have paid $65 an eighth before, but it is up there in the price range. All that matters is that you're happy though. Enjoy!
  4. Never paid over $50 an 8th for Fire or anything for that matter but I live in Seattle and Weed is everywhere here, and Fire IS a dank strain and a damn good one too. Sounds to me like your connect is pocketing some of your cash.
  5. Well I'm thinking, if he's a newbie smoker it's easy to rip him off when he doesn't know what fire is. Got a trustable dealer? Describe the bud..haha Detective mode
  6. :) I <3 this new forum for questions like this haha

    Fire just means really good weed, maybe your dealer got confused and thought that fires an actual strain or something.

    Prices are diff everywhere, i'd pay around 45 for an eighth of some fire.
  7. Fire just means that it's (supposed to be) some REAAALY dank weed. As for price, IDK, it all depends on where you are, in CO I can expect to pay about $50 (give or take) for an 8th of good fire, however in NY that price goes up... a LOT!

    Happy Toking!

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