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*Fire Pickup Update*(Lemon Diesel)(*JUICY MACROS*)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Electric-E, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. #1 Electric-E, Feb 10, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 10, 2009
    Was the title in your face enough? Lol, i'm just excited about this bud, it's been a fantastic smoke. So, after a few times of getting in touch with my guy, found out this is some homegrown lemon diesel. Which now finally makes sense after a thousand times of saying, "Damn, I swear to fuck man, this shit takes sour candy". Really energetic but hazy/spacey high (I keep forgetting to do anything,... can tell it's sativa dominant, you can tell that slight bit of indica is there though. Really tasty sour candy flavor. Buds are super, super sticky. I wish you all happy highs. G'day GC!

  2. Sick pickup man +rep
  3. Those are some frosty nugs my friend, +rep for ya
  4. Thank you guys :D I'm enjoying it as we speak, slowly losing my ability to type.....haha.
  5. Those last 2 remind me of some macros I took, there in my sig...
    Great budshots! +rep
  6. wonderful man!
  7. Oh yeah, I saw those macros in your sig from another thread, I was like, wow, really impressive shots, makes me want to live in all those trichs. haha
  8. 77 views only 8 replies..sadness, these macros are for you GC,... guess I need to burn another bowl for ya. More nugshots --->

  9. looks amazinggg

    great pics!

    +rep for dannnk!
  10. I would cream my pants rightthere if my dealer pulled a fat sac full of your lemon deisel. Dude congrads on the danky mary jane.+rep
  11. Dude, I saw a jar full of this shit and I wanted to cry and marry it. Talk about lemony smell. Lol
  12. i hate looking at GC before bed. the pics and the lemon scent i keep reading about has got me drooling
  13. Funny because I was drooling at your thread man, saw the gauntlet jealous...I bet every one of you was f'd up that night, haha. All I have is a bong, which I have to put a picture of...going to buy a new spoon tomorrow though. :D
  14. quality smoke electric e :smoking:
  15. Looks amaaazing. I would fail the piss tests im on right now for a blunt of that anyday. +rep, great pick up
  16. thanks guys, just smoked a .8g J to here I am with a bowl of fresh strawberries and some cannabis cream.(tastes just like whipped cream). Just add lemon flavoring/extract to a small amount of milk/heavy cream that has been blended using cannacream recipes i've seen around. Anyway, stoned outta my mind, time to sleep after these strawberries...nite. take a thick rip for me.:smoke:
  17. Smoked it before and yes it was wonderful, enjoy.

  18. yo dude, dank lookin Diesel!!!! The trichs look gooey for god's sake, you could hang it on a string and habe an instant fly trap :smoke:

    I got a nyc diesel X cheese mic called chiesel starting up in my journal, hopefully it looks as dank as that! +rep if i can dude

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