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FIRE Pickup. Preview pic for tomorrow's pics!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Electric-E, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Hello GC, I hope all of you had a kick ass weekend. I went to athens this weekend to sign a lease on a new apartment, while I was there I got a preview of what i'll be getting this fall :D
    I will have up more pics tomorrow along with strain info and a few macros. Unfortunately, these artificial light pictures suck ass and do the Bud here no justice. Thus, I deem this a preview pic. This is without a doubt the best weed i've ever smoked. Granted, i've only smoked probably 8 or 9 fire strains, this is definitely the best so far. It smells like candy...reminds me of sweet tarts. Enjoy fellow blades :smoking:

  2. dice sativa
  3. Nice just had some of the same I am pretty sure, I am in Central FL
  4. I just caught myself drooling.

    Lucky bastard. =P

    Have fun with that. Smoke it wisely. ;)
  5. lights da bong jus cuz diz
  6. The Motherfuck Update of Mega Proportions

    So yeah, title is only slightly in your face right? Haha. Anyway, good story for you guys. Me and 2 of my buddies usually jam and play music in this studio we have, but instead of jamming tonight we smoked a half a bowl out of my the Crusher (cliche I know but it's written on the side of my bong, so it was good name). All 3 of us got fucked up (Spilling drinks, laughing at each others bullshit to much, etc), and continued to keep getting fucked up every minute. As I write this i'm stoned, I never rant this long. Anyway, we decided to pack another half bowl and go ahead and get kicked in the mouth. So here I am, somehow typing, I feel like i'm melting back into my chair (or stack of pancakes perhaps). Anyway, more technically, really good ass sativa high, it tastes like sweet/sour candy...with a pungent, fuck of a smell. It's stinky to say the least. I'll have the macros and natural light pics up tomorrow.
  7. damn man sounds like you had a good ass time haha

    that bud looks dank, glad you enjoyed it!!
  8. Oh, I'm also stoned enough I forgot to say thanks for the comments, i'm out to eat some munchie food. goodnight to the rest who toke tonight :smoking:
  9. heyy man beautiful shit, but, if it really does smell like candy- there is alot of fruit loops (aka fruity pebbles) in the athens and north georgia area if it smelled and tasted sweet it mite not be fire, but w/e tasty looking shit, blaze on

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