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Fire og

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by spboy, May 11, 2011.

  1. Smelled like some super fire Og really dense frosty nugs

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  2. Dude did you buy that from a Dispensary in Cally looks just like the shit mine sells hahaha
  3. Yea ahah
  4. haha same here man i think we all might go to the same one or something but then again its not uncommon for growers to spread the wealth between dispensaries
  5. how much for all that??..thats some dank 4sure :smoke::smoke:
  6. kush always looks so nice
  7. how much is that? what did you end up paying for it?
  8. I got an eigth of that for 45 nd 2 ounces of some other outdoor kush for 220
  9. Looks fuckin' sweet man. I love the container too
  10. kush for the win
  11. Definitly from Nuggetry am i right?
  12. the new shit i got is dense as hell too and smells earthy, not really potent like a skunk.

    but man after i smoke this shit i am ROCKED with a huge body buzz. safe to say that stuff is an indica?

    it doesnt look amazing from the outside but if i crack open a bud its LOADED with crystals. this normal?
  13. Nuggetry has fire but this is from NRC the best dispensary by far I'n Cali
  14. hahahaha how funny would it be if we all got our weed from the same grower?

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