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Fire OG, Butter OG & Super Silver Haze macros ^____^

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by toalex89, May 27, 2009.

  1. Such yummy stuff :hello: picked it up from gvc a few days ago


    Super Silver Haze


    Butter OG


    Fire OG

  2. very frost.

    + REP :D
  3. + Rep very nice. Which ones the best? That butter OG Looks fucking spectacular.
  4. sparkly shiny orange haired buds, scrumptous, which is your favorite?
  5. That looks tastyyy.
  6. qft it looks redonkulous
  7. Left me speechless for a minute there, yea which is the best?
  8. those nugs look tasty man. super silver is one of my favorite strains. always such tight little nuggets. those macros are redonk. keep up this fire bro.
  9. Well I've only smoked a small amount of the silver haze but that stuff is amazing omg i felt like i drank 2 energy drinks I was super super energetic amazing day time smoke. I'll give updates on the butter and fire soon as I smoke some of them
  10. damn dude, it all looks good. but that butter og, mmm mmm!

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