fire inspection thursday or friday

Discussion in 'Security' started by nonfiction, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. whole building, do i stash the seedlings away in cupboards and drawers and take the flowering auto out side? do i kill them just to be safe? what would you do? i do have onagel concentrate atm...

  2. What the fuck are you talking about?
  3. I second. 

    Fire Inspection as in they come into your home to see if there is a fire? 
  4. i live in an apartment they come in and check sprinklers and stuff
  5. I remember dealing with that crap. Seedling should be easy to hide the auto is the problem. They normally just check alarms, sprinklers, around the water heater, and the heaters. Then they make the note and leave. They wont go looking through anything. Are you gonna be home?
  6. i have asked my super to buzz me (as i build the buildings and they know that, my construction site is in the same parking lot) so i could be there, no buzz yesterday so im expecting visual inspections today just the bells were yesterday, so think today is the real day to be concerned... so far have the autos in my kitchen cuppboards hidden by shit and my auto is in the bathtub with a bucket of onagel and one of those air wicks that releases a smell every ten mins or whatever, also i keep my fan on because i blaze in there also haha so it exhausts the smoke, when they inspect i plan on "taking a shit" or something, ill just hang in the bathroom...
    on a side note my cat died two days ago so the place smells like cat piss, my dads bringing the shampooer saturday but maybe thatll distract them enough to GTFO asap lmao... 
    i also plan to light in scents haha i'd cook bacon if i ate meat.... maybe ill bake cookies!
  7. i havent heard anything since i guess they came and went without telling me :S
  8. what ended up happening? all clear? 
  9. yessir, ive recently doubled up my quantities as the smell hasnt been an issue
  10. great to hear

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