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    I am a renter and have a fire inspection next w.w. scrog in a armwor in a walk in closet with all of our clothes...what will these guys be checking...12/12 is set up so that the light is on during the day so boxing them up would need a light source...outside too a u haul but it would be too cold...what are your thoughts around this...? no attic. How bad would an hour in the dark during the 12/12 on cycle mess thing up?

  2. if there strong plants i doubt there would be a problem
  3. call and ask, there's no reason they should refuse to answer you.
  4. Just not sure what to expect...going to through my aggressive dog into the closet(system shut off) and hope that the detours them from wanting to check out the closet further...he has already saved my butt once...mans best friend! So no harm done by shutting it down for an hour? three weeks into flower.
  5. [quote name='oscar1984']....So no harm done by shutting it down for an hour?......./quote]

    Well anything more than ~5 minutes will be noticeable (more or less severe depending on strain)

    As someone else already suggested: Call and ask!
  6. How should I word it....when talking to the fire department Monday over the phone?
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    "I know it sounds ridiculous but was wondering if you guys check only the open spaces or the closets, too. My wife is all worried because she is in hospital unable to clean them up from being such a mess and doesn't want me to touch them."

    Exactly like the above! And keep a straight face errr...voice while you are saying that.
  8. Genious! Thats perfect. Practice it if you have to.
  9. Put a keyed door knob on that asap! ....Be cool!
  10. Thanks you guys wife and a keyed door knob and doggy will be my ticket ...thanks again ohh yeah and the phone call to the fire dep...what kind of reason could I have for having the door locked up like that?
  11. To protect your valuables.
  12. I had fire inspections a couple weeks ago. They installed a fire alarm one day and inspected it the next day. They installed it in my walk-in closet. I had to tear everything down and just waited until the inspection was over. Luckily I had no plants growing at the time. But if I were you I'd get rid of everything..put it in a good hiding spot.
  13. after checking out the door it doesn't have a spot for the door locking mechanism where it enters the door jam...its a scrog so picking up moving it would be a chore but probably well worth it...I will know more after talking with them on Monday...
  14. Decided to play it safe and just get them out of the house...would as small light such as one of those touch bulbs that run off of batteries be enough light for an hour verses no light at all be a decent idea? Maybe like four of them?
  15. They'll probably just come in to check the smoke detector operation and look for a fire extinguisher...

    When it happened to me, I was was in the dark cycle..

    But, if you feel they will do more than a 3 minute walk-thru, I'd take the day off, rent a u-haul, get some tall appliance boxes, box up your plants and u-haul em away from your apartment/house...

    Better safe than sorry

    You may want to get something a little brighter, like a camping lamp with one of those large square lantern batteries...but just an hour or so with no light shouldnt be a problem...

    As for putting a lock on that door...don't do it, it just draws attention...and questions.
  16. Dude! I would drop everything and just run. Your fucked and they'll catch you.. Run now>...LOL totally kidding..Good luck though......Be cool!
  17. Sounds good I will check into one of those camping lights....scrog is going to be a bitch to move vegged near three months..
  18. I know someone who had one of those and he was growing in a 4x8 Sun Hut. Lol he took it down and put all the plants All 50 fo them at 2' out on the patio. Mind you it was just after summer.

    He said it looked like a couple of the younger guys could tell there was a slight odor but since everything was on the ptaio no one saw anything.
  19. Seems like that would be kind of nerve racking having them sit out back while you had strangers searching around...must of looked like a small forest out back!

    I called them today and they said they would need to see everthing to the roof to the trim and closets so out they go!

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