Fire&Ice Bong! -HOW TO- video

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  1. Molecules just move faster under heat-

    [ame=""]FireAndIce001.flv video by daslurk - Photobucket[/ame]

  2. looks cool, but other than that, how does this improve the smoking experience?
  3. I see the point here. Hot water filters your smoke more efficiently, but usually gives a less pleasant hit than with ice. You pretty much solved the unpleasant part.

    Crafty indeed.
  4. How great your info is!But Can you give some more sample questions and answers.I really want to get more info about this topicIt really useful for me. Thanks.

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    I would say it improves a lot you will be able to take hits twice of what your take'n now.
    It's just a pain to set up I have done the same concept with a glass dub chamber by pouring boiling hot in the first chamber then ice in next but that only last for so long before the ice is melted and the hot water is just warm.
  6. Done it, best call ever.
  7. Idk why, but this is true. Whenever I can i put borderline boiling water in my AC and ice cold in the tube. For some reason rips are smoother when I set it up like that.

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