Fire hazards/hazard prevention

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  1. A thread for tips on any particularly common fire hazards faced during indoor soil grows?
    I've heard some pretty unfortunate horror stories about grow rooms gone bad, and in the

    :rolleyes: PURELY HYPOTHETICAL :rolleyes:

    event that I decided to set something up for myself, how can I stay away from "starring"
    in said horror stories?
  2. Keep water away from wires and lights. Dont jimmy rig shit, do it right. Circulation.
  3. I am no expert on MJ growth, but I do know a thing or two about electricity

    Dont loosely wire your cables. Use heat resistance surfaces. Make sure nothing burnable is nowhere near the lights. Touch stuff and make sure nothing is getting too hot.

    Depends on your space, But whatever it is make sure to wire electricity at a certain level and place water holding containers bellow that level.

    When spraying make sure water doesn't get in any open sockets

    Just my 0.05$
  4. Thank you both immensely, sounds like I'd be on the right
    track in spotting hazards then. Consider your reps +'d, haha.
  5. Got a friend who set his loft space on fire and burned the roof of his house, to be honest the only person he has to blame is himself for his own stupidity. He asked me round one night to check on his stuff for him (which i did a fair bit it being his 1st grow and all) and he had all his plug socket banks under his hydro/pot system table. I pointed this out to him and told him its an accident waiting to happen and to move that shit from under his table out the way or its likely to get wet and either A) fuck his equipment up, B) set his house on fire.............

    3 days later he burns the roof of his house when he's out -.-

    Moral? keep electric away from water ;)
  6. water on the floor
    eletric above the waste

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