Fire Hazards and Light Safety?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by TripleBla, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Hey, newbie grower here.

    Just recently got my grow room setup, and the lights working.

    I run four 42 watt CFL's, through some Y socket connectors, and into a ceiling socket mounted on a piece of wood.

    It's a ghetto setup, I know. All the lights work, and I've had them run on a timer for the last day and a half with no problems.

    I just want to know, could this be a fire hazard? What could go wrong with it?

    Nothing is overly hot, in fact .. the CFL's aren't even burning hot to the touch.

    The main reason I ask this is, my parents are currently chill with me growing marijuana in my closet (Lol). They just don't want me running the lights when no one is here. I don't want to interrupt their vegging cycle at this early of a stage in their growth. (Growing 4x white widow seedlings)

    Soo, any information on Fire hazards with DIY lighting setups, or any information of the like, would be greatly appreciated - Thanks!
  2. as long as you dont exced the rating on the fixture your using your fine, and cfls dont put out much heat anyways plus if you have a fan blowing it keeps the temps low also so a fire isnt too much to worry about just root out all the dangers and isolate them.
  3. Your lights will draw less than 2 amps so you won't have to worry about overloading your circuit...of course the breaker would (should) trip if that were to happen.

    So long as your wiring is solid with no loose connections, and you used at least 16 gauge wire (extension cord type) and all the connections are insulated, I don't think you're posing any serious fire hazards. The only possible risk would be something getting in contact with a hot surface.

    I'm amazed that your parents are cool with you growing in their home. I have been cool with my kids as far as recreational drug use, but there is (was) no way I'd let them grow at home. That is the same reason I didn't grow at home until the last one moved out on her own. Kids just can't keep their mouth shut. No reflection on you, but just my experience from 30 yrs. raising 4 younguns.
  4. Thanks for all the information, the setup has been running by itself for about three days now, no real notable hazards. :p

    My parents were quite the stoners when they were my age, so it took a little bit of pushing. Once my dad saw the work I was putting into building a grow room, he thought it was interesting and he had no problems with it. My mom was a little harder to convince on the other hand.
  5. i agree in that your setup should be more than adequate to handle the power flow/be safe enough for your parents to feel comfortable about leaving by itself.:cool:

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