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Fire Crackers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, May 22, 2010.

  1. Seeing these are easier to make than brownies, i'm gonna make em when my rents are asleep. I still live at home, because i'm at community college, or I should say, entering this fall.

    Couple questions:
    Does it stink up your house of weed?

    Do they taste okay? Milk sounds good with it.

    How many sandwhiches should I eat, just 1? My sister wanted one haha

    And will they get me high? Ive never eaten.
  2. they tend to taste, milk is the key.... just make 1 with 1 gram to test it out, you will quickly know what you need, but be warned your parents will know something was will smell like peanut butter/nutella/whatever you used besides the be ready to say you did something ridiculous in the oven by accident like... tried to oven bake peanut butter toast.....
  3. go to the incredible edible section and read up there.

    1 gram will probably get you fked if you make them properly. You can also use the method to not bake them and let the fat from the peanut butter absorb the thc over a few nights this apparently can work even better than baking em.
  4. I can let them sit around for a bit after I baked them right? for a few hours at room temp I can still eat them after they're baked?
  5. yea man, sometimes i make like 10-15 and wrap them in foil then pop um in a tupperware or bag, they are good to go till there are obvious signs of rot/mold/staleness like any food would hahaha
  6. Well i made firecrackers with some friends a few weeks back, we used graham cracked with a GENEROUS amount of peanut butter, to let the THC be absorbed. I put in about .7 into mine. The taste was absolutely horrible, it cannot be taken down without milk or icecream or something like that haha. But it was well worth it, i was sky high for a good 3 hours, no exaggeration. It does take about an hour or so to kick in though, so dont be disappointed if its been 45 minutes and ur not feeling anything. Oh and no it wont smell to bad, just wrap the cracker in tin foil before cooking it. Good luck on the bakery man.
  7. Yeah it seems nothing can go wrong, hope it works okay lol

    Will nutella make it taste better? I was thinking 50/50 nuttella, peanut butter
  8. ive only made them with peanut butter but the taste was so far off of what peanut butter actually tastes like i dont think nutella would be any different
  9. ive only made em once and made em with ritz crackers and jif peanut butter and made 4 and ate all four. i have a moderatly olw tolerance and they tasted kinda bad (still edible not too bad like baby food type shit) but some cold chocolate milk and i was high after an hour for about 4.5 hours thena reallly smooth 30 min comedown. again really easy to make and chocolate milk helped me out fsho

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