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Fire Crackers Questions?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Dottedpanda, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Hey I have four fire crackers in the oven right now for my girlfriend and i and they are due to be taken out in twenty minutes. We won't be eating them however for another five hours. Does this matter? like does the THC exit the crackers? I know this may sound dumb but never before have i made eadibles"
  2. nope, it will still be fine after 5 hours.
  3. longer the better, gives more time for the thc to connect with the peanut butter. you should be flying high.
  4. #4 Dottedpanda, Feb 15, 2009
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    HAHAHA i am going to be fucked i didn't know you were supposed to use shake and stems and shit so i just put 1.5 grams of dank on each firecracker hahahahaha. Me and my girl are going to be gone oh an this is her first time with sweet Mary haha.

    Question though we are going out to eat before hand and then we are going back to her place to eat and ................ stuff will eating before fuck up the high cause some dude said you gotta eat them on an empty stomach?

    Also can i reheat them in the microwave later cause they will be cold later
  5. Dude, dont give her too much..

    If you take edibles your FIRST TIME your going to be FUCKED up haha

    And if she does take too much, it might turn her off of weed for a LONG time. It can definitely get overwhelming. Even if your a fuckin pothead like me :smoking:
  6. Give her 1/2 - 1/4 of a cracker. Otherwise you will be giving her waaaay too much.

  7. seriously?

    take into account these were her words "okay i'll do it i'll do it but................if i am going to do it i don't want to get abuzz that i could have gotten from drinking cause that just isn't worth it, i wana be fucked and then.............I wana fuck haha"
  8. bro seriously if your looking to get lucky dont give her to much, to much and she'll pass the fuck out. edibles are alot different then just smoking. know what your getting into before you do it.
  9. Oh. Well if she has that attitude, let her have as much as she wants. Just warn her that it could be potentially extremely overwhelming. When I made my first firecrackers, it was the highest I had ever been, and I've smoked a bunch. I only ate one, made with ~.5 grams of keif. All I'm saying is that these are not something to underestimate.
  10. ^^LOL

    But yeah you can let them sit for however long you want
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    If she has more then one, your not gettin any pussy tonight. lol

    Real talk

    EDIT: If you really stuffed 1.5 in each, then give her half.

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