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fire cracker question??

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by skater420man, May 9, 2011.

  1. how long does it take for a fire cracker to kick in and also how long does the high last????????????:hello: :p :devious: ;) :D :wave: :eek::
  2. It takes anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours to kick in, and the high will last you, well, depends on how much you put into it.
  3. I'm a recent smoker so idk... What's a firecracker?
  4. A fire cracker can be made alot of differnet ways but its ually a 2 crackers with peanut buuter on it and weed in the middle and then u bake it then it gets u BAKED!! lol
  5. It depends on how fast ur body digests the cracker ive seen ppl wait from like 5mins to 2hrs before it kicks in and it usually last like 4-5hrs but it depends on how much u put in it.
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    Ok ty.... You do need to vap it though right?
  7. no if you do that then it wont get u as high sense most of the thc will be gone from the vape. when u put it in the oven thats what activates the thc stuff that will make u get high when u eat it
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    Oh ok... I'll have to try that some time. How strong is the smell when you bake it and how long till it fades away.
  9. hah i cant really answer one cuz my place always smells like weed! and when i make them i usually smoke a joint while i wait! lol
    but i dont think it would smell that bad!
  10. If you're really worried about the smell, you don't have to bake them. If you make your firecrackers and let them sit for, say, 24 hours, it'll let oil in the peanut butter activate your weed.

    I've never actually tried this, but I read about it in a really well-done firecrackers thread here and no one claimed it didn't work.
  11. Baking them just smells like your house/apartment is in between a peanut butter sandwich.

    They last ~6 hours but sometimes shorter or longer. I usually pass out before that because they get me so fucked up.
  12. i dont think that would work. Cuz u need the heat to activate the chemical in the weed so it will get u high when u eat it. But i cant say for sure cuz ive never tried it like that before. But then like the cracker would be stale too.
  13. Apparently you don't NEED heat to activate it, it just speeds up the process. And the guy wrapped them in foil, maybe that would help the crackers not go stale?

    here it is...
  14. it'll take usually 45min to an hour to kick (average...some take longer...)

    how long it lasts matters on the potency...ive encountered people who ate the SAME firecracker (in dosage) and some stay high for 3-4hrs...some stay high for 6+ hrs. matters on your metabolism...the faster your metabolism the quicker the high will fade...and just the opposite for slow metabolisms.

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