finnaly got my roor steamroller :)

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    i had been looking for one of these for the longest time it seems and when ghost dog in rochester NY said they had them i drove 3.5hrs each way the same day just to buy it :D:D


    heres a clip ;)
  2. Thats sick dude, i almost picked up one of those but didnt have the cash and when I went back it was sold :[

    who made your inline?
  3. That things a beast.

    Did you name that bad boy
  4. wow thats pretty sick... is that an inline attached to it?
  5. Thing is sick, and love the ash catcher, but why is there a diffuser in a dry piece? Isnt the point of a diffuser to better filter through liquid?
  6. You can still diffuse through air, it splits up the smoke into however many streams so each is individually cooler by surrounding air
  7. im not sure who made the inline... they had a really nice 4perk crown label ash catcher but a price tag of 170 was a bit more than i could afford but the steamroller itself was only 70 & the inline was 100

    no name, i dont name anything... it seems as if every time one has gotten a name give or take a month and its shattered so since i stopped i havent broken a piece or should i say the OTHER people have not broken a piece
  8. yeah i guess the best way to explain it is splitting the smoke so it has more surface area for the surrounding air to cool it better...

    i also add water to the inline so its not a dry piece... thats why i bought the roor glass-on-glass
  9. I guess it does make sense
  10. Very nice piece man! Exact same one I have. The best way to smoke it by far is to leave the steamroller in the freezer for about 10 minutes and then hit the frozen piece. Hits like a dream.

    LOL, same keyboard also!

  11. is that the 4perk crown label ash catcher?!?:eek:
  12. thats a sick peice man
  13. Nah I wish though, a matching set would be pimp. It's a three arm tree perc from a local shop that blows their own glass. Feels like 5mm so it's pretty beefy.
  14. I HAVE THAT SAME FUCKING INLINE!!! ghost dog is the shit i live like 5 minutes away i love it doesnt that inline rip so nice?
  15. thanks guys lol it made the trip well worth it i think

    they wanted to the sell the matching 4perc but i couldnt justify a $170 ash catcher... maby next month if they still have it lol
  16. did they have any of those worked inlines left? those were pretty nice looking
  17. was this purchased online?
  18. yeah it hits perfect, i really want to bring that hand blown bong in the top corner home... that thing looks like it would wreck everyone in its path
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    no, it was purchased @ ghost dog in rochester NY. i was looking for months online but not even roor lists this piece on their site.

    not sure if there are any more, i thought i saw a few more on the shelf but they were all the same
  20. Wow, I got to school in Rochester and they have quite a few of those. I didn't think that they were that popular. Nice piece man +rep for the drive.

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