Finishing Too Soon? How About Taking Forever To Finish....

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  1. MIGHT BE A LITTLE TMI for some people but remember, you clicked the link.
    So here goes, I read these forums everyday and i RARELY post anymore nowadays and i even had to reset my password to get into this but heres my problem. It takes FOREVER and a half to finish having sex with my partner. By myself is fine and usually to finish for me with my partner its me and my hand. I LOVE being intimate with them and its not a matter of not love but it just cant seem to happen. I'm not afraid to finish in front of my partner and we talked some and we wanted to try to time both of ours at the same time. That's been really difficult and me especially because there's been many times that i didn't even finish because its taking so long. Its been hours at a time and my partner is sitting there, legs shaking and ready for it to be done and im still there working on #1. Its fine for me to be able to give that type of pleasure to my partner and still be ready and rearing to go but its somethings REALLY frustrating on my part. I wonder if anyone has anything like this out there? I've talked to a sex therapist before and she has told me she has found after dozens of appointment's that she cant really find a mental reason for this to be happening. I'd say its about out of the 5 times a week one of us initiates something ill maybe finish 1/2 out of all that and that's after a lot of attention and focusing. I dont think the issue is sensitivity because by myself i can ACTUALLY have a "quickie".I  am NOT 'cut' and still 'intact' so i dont think that could be it. If you read any of my old posts you'd find i even went and got a prince albert because i read it increases sensitivity and it has helped tremendously but still not solved the problem. Anyone if you have any advice....... HELP PLEASE..... it'd be greatly appreciated. 

  2. Hahahahahah im so high and even more confused

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  3. >_< This aint looking good............ 
  4. Ive only finished with maybe half the girls ive been with. After an hour they complain their cooch is sore and they cant blow for shit so...

    Long story short, you jerk too much OP.
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    I dont really jerk it too much, maybe once every two weeks when im by myself because my partner is always wanting to fool around. So i dont see how that would be much of an issue. 

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