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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by mav, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. My first attempt and so far so good, only 2 weeks into the 12/12 cycle but like to be prepared, I've been using superthrive during the veg stage (marvellous stuff) but someone told me to stop once I start to flower, is this true???
    Also I have heard that growing with hydro you need to flush the plant to get rid of any chemical taste during the final week someone told me to use plain water a week before harvest and others have told me to use something like Ripen to get the most out of the plant before you chop it, advice greatly appreciated.
    I'm growing 2 plants at the mo but would like to grow 4 next time but am concerned that the centre of the tank would be so bushy it would affect the amount of light getting to the plants, my tank is 12"x16"....views??
  2. Cheers Bob

    I'm growing 2xWhite Widow at the mo which are about 3 feet high but bushy as a very bushy thing, I've used Nuticulture nutrient throughout plus Superthrive and some B'Cuzz samples I picked up at the Cannabis Cup last year. Just got back today from picking up a complete Aqua Farm including pump from a car boot sale for a tenner (result!) so now the space shouldn't be an issue and I might be able to get acouple of more plants on the go. I've still got another 4-5 weeks in flower but I'll go with plain water for the last two just to get some of the crap out of them.
    Going to try Big Bud and White Rhino next time I've heard they don't have as many leaves as these monsters.

    thanks m8
  3. ta bob, I'm flowering the buggers now, should I just leave them alone or do you think I should remove some of the leaves to let more effort go into the buds? I've read that the leaves basicaly act as a giant solar panel sucking in energy so I've not trimmed much off them apart from any leaves that don't look healthy ( I've posted some piccys on the grow journal)
    What d'ya reckon?
  4. HIGH All, nice babies mav!!!!!!!!!! I'd leaf the leaves alone...if some get in the way of Bud sites try and move them out of the way. When the bigger leaves are used up and yellowing then I'd remove them.

    Our White Bud has many BIG leaves and I leaf them a lone and let them just drop....I feel as if I'm cutting their limbs O.F.F.F. *LOL*

    Save your leaf for's worth it!!

  5. HIGH All, thanks for clearing that up for me!!

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