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  1. This girl I've been talking to invited me over to a party the other night, and it went well, I woke up the next morning and went home. Last night, she invited me over again, and this time the night ended with us going up to her room. When I asked if she had a condom, she said no as she is allergic to latex, and she is on birth control. I pulled out then, but I WILL be seeing her again soon, so my question is how safe is it to still finish inside?

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    STD clean also? get poly condoms
    And birth control isn't 100%, we've had trouble with it.
  3. Yeah, shes clean. just a latex allergy, and I do not trust lambskin
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    You'd probably be ok.  Do it raw dawg and blow that shit inside her bro
    If you have any sex shops near you, go pick up some okamoto or kimono condoms.  Some of them are not latex and feel like NOTHING is on.
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    Birth control pills are highly effective, they start not working when the chick starts not taking them when she is supposed to. My gf had an egg in her fallopian tube become fertilized because she was slacking on taking it properly. I was not aware sperm could actually travel up the tube and fertilize an egg heading into the uterus. But yea you will be fine, and for your sake I hope you were told the truth about her and the being clean because she is allergic to the most common condom. I would really make sure before I went in in this situation, four reels. 
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    Over the years she had the depo shot, the pills, condoms, and my 100% effective pull out techniqueâ„¢ and still had trouble. She's a vagina goddess and I have super sperm I guess.
    Poly condoms are not sheep skin it's plastic, so different feel. Sheep skin is not effective against STDs, but it works for pregnancy.
  7. I wouldnt
  8. Apparently blasting cervixs is what's hot in the streets. Its your dick only you can prevent those fires.
  9. For 3 years I used to fuck my ex with out a condom and just pulled out every time.  Minimum of fucking 7 times a week lol.
    Call it skills or luck, i had both.
  10. There is no condom that feels like your wearing nothing.

    Not even close in my humbled opinion, which sucks, cause once you've had raw sex, it's so hard to go back to using a condom.
    I've had a couple shrinkage moments due to fucking condoms.

    Fuck condoms.

    But back to the story, STDs or not, if u don't wanna spend the rest of ur life with this girl, unless you've seen her take the pill once a day, for the last 7 days with ur own eyes, pull out and bust else where.

    Some bitches be crazy about wanting babies

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  11. this guy knows whats up.
  12. Well yeah true it won't feel like you have nothing on.
    But really like 80-90% nothing.  If you haven't tried kimono or okamato condoms yet, fucking try em now.
  13. just blow your load inside of her, it feels right.
  14. Blow it in her and just go for round 2 right there.
    A lot of girls love that shit :)
  15. Some times me and my ex couldn't do that because after I blasted her cervix and tried to go again, she wanted to take a break because she felt like her pussy was on fire, then I would have to wait a while or wait until the next day. So sad.
  16. not to be demeaning but, definitely hit it raw and bust on her back haha. just saw a commercial and it said we only have 25,000 mornings. like fuck man just bust while you can!!! 25k is nothing!!
  17. leave a map of hawaii on her lower back...thats a joke grenade it go off in a sec or two...but no really I have a son because of this shit so pull out and cum on her tits or something safe just do your best to limit being pregnant no silly not you being pregers her lol..everyone smile cause somebody is getting laid. :hello:
  18. fuck her raw, real good for about 30 minutes. bust inside of her and keep going for another 45. she'll call you back for more every weekend
  19. It feels hella good. But nothin kills it more when she wraps her legs and arms around you and says "I love you" right at the same time as ejaculating. If you wanna hook up her and be her bf then cool. If not hit a couple more times, then quit it and don't take any chances finishing inside. That birth control is like 95% to 99%

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