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finishing a blunt out of a bowl

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jomoyo069, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. so me and 2 co workers are smoking a blunt in one of the kids cars and i noticed he had the blunt rolled with weed all the way throughout the entire begining of the blunt.. i was thinking there is no way to smoke that weed without burning yourself.. but when we got down to the end of the blunt he asked me for my bowl..

    he took the end that we were smokin out of put it in the hole of the bowl then hit it from the bowl, just like regular,, minus the lighting it.. it was like sorta using the bowl as a roach clip in theory but differently.. it was a really cool clean way the smoke the blunt

    .. it was cool as fuck, and really easy.. its a good way to not get fingers burnt and get a couple extra hits out of a blunt..
  2. I've smoked joint roaches through a bub before. I does work well.
  3. Story of my life bro
  4. real talk.
    toss the roach into a bong, and you add a filter.
    glad to see youve discovered a new method of smoking.
  5. I love doing that, it makes things a lot easier.
  6. stick it in the carb hole and then cover the bowl with your thumb... works so much better. you get massive rips
  7. My friends and I once hollowed out a Philly Titan and packed it full of weed. When we tried to smoke it, it was hitting so hard that everyone that hit it came close to throwing up from coughing. One of friends got the idea to remove the slider from my bong and then managed to squeeze the blunt in so it would be airtight and stand up straight. It looked weird as hell but worked wonders.
  8. I love doing that...
  9. my favorite part of the blunt is smoking the roach out of a bowl. haha not sure why i think i just like smoking it down to absolute ash.
  10. it does make everything much easier...a lot of times now though i gut the roach and throw the resinated buds in the bowl...
  11. Yeah, we usually gut it and finish it in someone's piece. Works out well that way.
  12. yeah this is a neat trick i actually discovered a few weeks ago at an umphreeys mcgee/sts9 concert. i tried it again 2 days later at a house party, but instead i did it with my mini chillum. it worked like a charm. highly reccommend it.:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  13. haha welcome to my world as well.
  14. most of us have been doing that before you were born.
  15. the end o zig zag fits well in the carb on my pipe which is awesome

    i cant believe you didnt know about that that is really common when smoking a blunt
  16. If I'm smoking a blunt or a joint I use a fifka. Stuff it in the fifka before you ever begin smoking and light it. Burn it until it's ash and just give the fifka a blow and you're ready for another go! Great for passing in cars cause you don't have to worry about dropping the roach. Grasscity should really carry fifkas....

    The Genius
  17. i always do that, either my bubbler or my bong to finish off roaches. People are always like "what should I do with my roaches" and if you have any kind of piece laying around, it just seems so obvious and I don't understand how people could miss it, but i guess this is a site full of stoners :D
  18. Yeah I do this almost all the time, only used roach clips if there was no bowl around... definitely the easiest way to finish off a roach. If I don't have anythin to use as a roach clip and no piece, I just save it for later. Or let a friend keep it.
  19. lol most my friends throw roaches but some know that i want to keep them now and i just stackpile and i kill like 3 roaches to the dome through my glass for a wake n bake or to help me sleep whatever
  20. i do the same thing, i actually have this pipe that looks like a hatchet and it actually works better than a bowl or bong, my friends and i started putting the entire blunt in it, it looks rediculous but you get massive rips everytime.

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