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Finished Xbox 360 stash box

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jdonnie, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. This is what you can get for a junk old xbox, 10 dollars of supplies, and a few hours. Give me some feed back on what you think.
    all you have to do is snap the faceplate of then unsnap one thing and the entire top comes off.

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  2. That is really clever. I wish I had a trashed xbox to do that too. :smoke:
  3. That looks sweet man, I always used to stash my gear in a ps2 expansion port round the back of the ps2. But you have pokemon evolved my idea. :D
  4. niiiiice & spacious :hello:
  5. Damn bro thats a real cool stash box.
  6. I think you should've bought a mason jar and a lock box.
  7. Im also thinking about doing a custom paint job on it. possible ideas are something marijuana related, or college school colors.. but idk yet
  8. ...that's G. I dub it the Stashbox 360.
  9. well you dont wanna go marijuana related or else you just spoiled the whole idea of making a stash box.

    "hmmm, i'm looking for some weed, let's try this xbox with a marijuana leaf sticker on the front!"
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  10. haha good point.
  11. Dude, check out this wikked stash box, no one EVER fucks with my stuff!!!


  12. Ha other than the fact that my mom realized i was keepign my shit in there and made me open it! thats how my old bowl and other shit got taken. hate on it all you want its just temporary until college.
  13. How about a decent gaffiti piece or graff stencil?

  14. Hahahah!+rep
  15. Damn, I wish I hadn't let my friend have my old broken xbox...
  16. I was thinking of doing this myself. I've torn apart and put back togeather at least 5 Xbox 360's in my time :p Its a really good stash place because if you ever get raided its like..Thats just an Xbox 360 brah...

  17. This was my first. it wasn't too difficult.
  18. ive been doing somthing like this with my old xbox, how did you get the cd drive thing on the face plate to look normal?
  19. [ame=]YouTube - Membleton77's webcam video Feb 17, 2011, 03:32 PM[/ame]

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