Finished my pc grow box.

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    Hey guy's I finally finished making my PC grow box. However, I am not going to start growing in it for another month since I am afraid if my landlord finds it he will kick me out. He said there is zero tolerance for marijuana and not so long ago he said he found a bong on the table in another house he owns and he gave him 24 hours to move out.

    So I am going to wait a little and see his schedule to coming around here. Anyway, overall it cost me $60 dollars for parts and fertilizer.

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  2. Pics don't work...
  3. Pic's should work now.
  4. hopefully in a month you're moving to a better place :O

    eviction for a bong? thats probably illegal
  5. I just moved in two days ago actually. But there is like a mini crawl space in my room that I will be putting the PC in when it starts flowering (Won't be able to smell+carbon filter). Only reason why I'm not doing it now is because there will be an extension cord going into there and it might look suspicious.
  6. In the lease it says "No smoking" so I guess you has a reason to. I plan on just rolling joints and just going to the park anyway so I don't have to worry about bongs.
  7. nice, very secretive.
    one question, are you still using the fan within the pc box?
  8. I am using two fans that I got from digging up some old power supplies.
  9. that's pretty smart man wow lol
  10. So are u just planning on having 1 plant and blocking it up so u can get it close to the lights then? In the end u may wanna add another light
  11. I do have another light but it doesn't fit on the power strip.
  12. Since they are pointed downward u may be able to get the splitters that make one socket two, it adds some overall size but u get more lights, u also might have to turn them a bit so they will fit like at an angle instead of 90*
  13. Also is that tin foil? If so u have it backwards u want the dull side out, this diffuses the light better and prevents hot spots that can/will burn ur babies
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    If you really want some legit walls, go buy a heat protector for the dash of a car. Thats what I used in my first pc box. Worked like a charm
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    Agreed totally they work well just place heat reflective side out so they don't cook I used one with a flat white backing and it worked awesome and for insulation as well
  16. Look at your lease closely and see if it says anything about the landlord needing to contact you prior to coming to your apartment. You could sue if he randomly showed up and searched your apartment.
  17. Can you tell me (or post a pic) of where and how you connect the carbon filter? I have to make one if these! My wife isn't mad about the tent since the baby was born.
  18. For a small grow like a pc I would say forget the carbon filter, get ona gel

    Pretty sure whatever state u r in ur landlord has to give u at least 24 hour notice before entering
  19. UPDATE:

    Hey guys, I met my neighbor and turns out he is a pretty big drug dealer. I offered him a deal that if he took the grow box we would split the harvest 50/50. He is a pretty nice guy and said he will only take 40%. I supplied him with the carbon filter+nutrients+basically everything he will need.

    The sprout is doing really well and has no stretching at all. It already has its third sets of leaves after only 4 days. soooo... SUCCESS!!!
  20. Thats good as long as he doesn't clip em early lol I been screwed like that before, instead of the 4 lbs I saw on the plant only 1 1/2 got harvested... Hmm lol hope it works out for u and it all turns out bomb diggity

    Good luck

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