finished my first grow..

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by drextreme, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. so i finished my first grow..the clones i was givin was california hash plant which is 90% cali hash plant X 10% northern lights...first of all its extremely hairy...after its all cured n dried which has gone through so far 4 1/2 weeks n im happy but im not completely happy because...i feel that it kinda looks like beasters even though it is rank (a gram will stink up a large room) and lays me out when i smoke it...the buds are super dense kinda like rocks and it is very orange..the outside is covered in orange hairs but when i crack them open the insides are full of crystals and all just wondering peoples thoughts on this? as far as im concerned these beasty strains that are on this earth should be thrown away so no one ever grows them..i will upload some pics soon so u all can see and the super hairyness in the strain or is that something that happens in the growing technique?
  2. You smoke it to get high man, not look at it. If it smokes and smells nice who cares what it looks like?
  3. I would, who doesn't like the combo of looks,taste, and smoke? They sound delicious though, good job.
  4. i smoke it to get high too, but there isnt one thing wrong with just staring at sweet plants or big beautiful nuggets.

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