finished bubbler and a chill night.

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  1. well, last night i finished my bubbler and test drove it with a little bit left from 2 grams of kush i bought :smoking:

    i used some case fans to exhale through :D
    works nicely too

    then after all the dry weed i figured i could finish up the night with some fresh greens :smoking:
    slept good:smoking: :wave:
  2. Fans are hot pluggable, you don't need a mobo for that.

    If you want a guide on how to make that thing work without the mobo PM me and I'll hook you up.
  3. nice little contraption.:smoking:
  4. Nice job on the homemade bubbler!

    I was going to offer suggestions on the case fans, too, until I realized something: PS + motherboard + connectors = zero effort. It's not at all a "wrong" way to do it, probably just the easiest.
  5. exactly. id rather not try and plug them directly into the wall.
  6. damn not bad
  7. what did you make that bowl out of? i wanna get one
  8. I just made a bubbler today too!, in the same size of little bottle. My bowl is a bit smaller than yours. i want to know what you used, i used a socket and a homemade downstem/slide i used for bongs, and instead of the tube coming from the top it comes from the side, i just use a straw, and the carb is also on the side, i just used a drill..:hello::smoking:
  9. I never thought of putting a carb on my homemade bubbler :confused:
  10. nice bubbler my friend. + rep for a job well done.
  11. Nice little bubbler, oh and you can plug the fans directly into the 12v rails, you have to rewire some things on the 20-24 pin connector but it's worth it. if you want the power supply kept in original condition then you can get a cheap 12v adaptor and wire all the fans in parallel to it.

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